Elevator (Prod. Remot)

Published by Cam James

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Call this joint what ya like...I call it a step forward. A partially fictional story about approaching heaven. Zone out wit ya boy. www.twitter.com/MrCamJames www.twitter.com/_Remot --------- Lyrics: Hold her down, she lift me up (2x) Verse 1 Late night, offboardin’ this late flight Baggage claim, no incidents Face grated like cage fights been sleepin’ on the tray… in economy, I mean honestly I ain’t rich, in fact I’m far from it Deck stacked, wit’ anomalies Made it out to that parkin’ lot Homie scooped me, by the MARTA stop Got a hotel for one night, imma spend the rest at my partner spot made it rain for the W up on 14th buyin’ those “I got a Porsche” drinks …that’s what I was thinkin’ Then she hopped up out the Lincoln Felt the room change, it went cold Everybody heads turnin’ quick Swear to god her aura like gold…links Can’t believe it’s real, so I don’t…blink Lookin’ like Keri Hilson but her hair different Brown skin like caramel, fuck the rules I know very well I ain’t got no chance… But I ain’t got nothin’ to lose So I ain’t got no plan, All the visions up in my brain If she walk by in that Balmain that's ball game Hook I don’t know ya name but What ya doin’ later I wanna be the main one In ya elevator (2x) Verse 2 Uh she gettin' close, heels clickin' them curves flow locked eyes, smiled at me, ain't doin' shit for my nerves though straight froze, wrist limp wit' no rainbows picturin' the mornin' after, goin' undercover no plain clothes but, snap back to right now walkin' past, them lights down eyes drift to that backside, look mad soft, might bite down elevators in sight now, trippin' as I get up walkin' after my dream never been the one to give up, blamin' that on my genes now, she goin' up, can't find a better reason drop my bag, get to reachin' fingers touch I get to lean in, like I appreciate the help ya eyes look amazin' did you come from outta town? and if so, how long you stayin' she goin' up, to the 5th floor I'm on 9 n this been feelin' like, 6th grade, she switchbladin' my mind I kept this real tight doors open, she want my number like cool wait, not the one to yo phone the one to yo room Hold up #audio #Cam James #Elevator #Remot #2014 #Original #HipHop #Rap #Atlanta #RB

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