Pretend (Prod. 5 Star Beatz)

Published by Cam James

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I pray for peace of mind. Twitter: @camjamesmusic Facebook: IG: @camjameslife --- Verse 1 How many times do I gotta tell y'all I'm a rare breed I ain't nothin' that you ever seen string letters blow 'em out a torch like acetylene (and by the way) I been lookin' for Coretta King where the hell that girl go? elevate her mind and body, got a flow that break necks when I curl toes whole world know, word of mouth in the south and her clothes, movin' wit that body like a fur coat uhh, back like straps on my Girbauds in the sixth grade, way before the mixtapes if I ever get on, if I get the big break swear I'm comin' back to hit it, then I'm hittin' escape left me, (well), you about to see ya mistake when you hearin' me collect, through the vine like grapes you was my Olivia but then ya hit Jake can't fake, girl it doesn't make sense I been awake since Hook If this is how it ends imma fall back like leaves in the wind imma just pretend that her wings up again (2x) man it wasn't my fault If this is how it ends imma fall back like leaves in the wind imma just pretend that her wings up again (2x) hallelujah Verse 2 Kinda like Medusa, every time I see her I be freezin' used to be my home screen, wallpaper, couple passwords women somethin' like birds when they leavin' erry time you chase 'em, they flyin' higher up got me wonderin' if I wasn't quite fly enough did I satisfy her mind, did I keep the fire up but who knows...she had to cut it off, and suddenly I get soft thinkin' back on all the time I done lost like I coulda been gettin' chocha in Copa from strippers named Mocha wit' chokers in Stroker's I miss her ambrosia, gettin' hella play but we was s'posed to, register for furniture n toasters you got somebody though, I'm sure you happy with him 'cause you never had a hard time lyin' to yourself my pride to the left, shoulda left but I believed in her still she popped a couple wings out her heels, imma fall back Hook Verse 3 Angel lord knows separation painful when somebody you would die for, turn around n hate you tryna get, better at this datin' shit my last relationship had me starin' at the wall, an hour late to my job, lookin' for somebody bae to rob friends throwin' oops, I ain't tryna take the lob I'm forever, alone and the women showin' interest but I don't wanna cop the latest model for cologne yeah they all different, but all the same they chasin' Mr. Right, miss the light, tryna counterfeit the life, the picket white just fencin' in the pain pretendin' that you happy for them women up the street (you don't really care!) I get it I ain't what you think you need I disagree with that, but I ain't beggin' on my knees we can both pretend, I'm, hopin' that you happy wit' somebody else when I really wanna see that man bleed girl pray for me Hook #audio #Cam James #Pretend #5StarBeatz #2014 #

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