Idol Thoughts Part II (Prod. Remot)

Published by Cam James

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Four minutes of fame. Take your eyes off the screen. Follow Cam James: Follow Remot: ---- Fuck the Kardashians I ain't keepin' up wit the paparrazzi pics been makin' me sick n I feel like we conducted, experiments of the social type of what people fuck wit', hopin' y'all know that without the makeup all these people busted Nicki ass fake, but y'all be actin', as if she packin' supernatural woman assets like Angela Bassett, Badu, Adina Howard matched it Mya been all natural, goddesses livin' action loved Toni Braxton, what happened to all the singers I feel like we lackin' talent and the ambition to max it nowadays, forfeit ya skills for sour blaze no alcohol in my system, my family hours away and by the way, fuck a Bieber, mascot for misappropriation went from Backstreet Boys, to Janet's Rhythm Nation cut off my cable restrictin' my observations of the bullshit they callin' real, 'cause I'm prone to aggravation used to be fiendin' for it, I don't wanna be famous now I'm hella private, fuck all that scrutiny rainin' down 'cause one second you killin' shit, recordin' Thriller hits then they puttin' words in ya mouth like a ventriloquist don't need the hype if I met you online, then we need to Skype usin' best friend's pictures n catfishin' for overnights I don't play that, ain't really got room for oversights meticulous, spit ridiculous, theorems I'm known to write 'cause I been thinkin' hella different, superstardom is all illusions how many stars done got that influence and never used it? and how many done wrapped it up wit' nickle plated 45's to the temple, who the hell wants to be celebrated? it's overrated attention ain't weaponry when that camera flash on 'em they don't never bleed said when that camera flash on 'em they don't never bleed you can miss me wit that sensitivity shit 'cause they rich and famous they wanted this life I'm blameless, you judge and jury, arraignment actin' like they angels, uh ain't like I'm heinous, for watchin' they livin' shameless role models next generation pick that up, they stainin' them, uh they deserved the payment, attention, before that vain intervention becomin' popular killed off they mission sold out, and I guess that's why I'm holdin' out love I'd be a bigger fan if he stayed local that golden route clubs, festivals, keep both yo testicles man up and be real just look at what's-his-name from you-know-where that recipe still workin', stay in that hooptie, stay patient wait for merchants fuck yo studio sermons, man we want acoustic versions keep yo soul intact, don't speak on yo life or trappings of fame well you can speak on it, long as you keep on rappin' the same I only like rappers that don't be actin' like actors and don't be dressin' like faggots they hold it down for real hip hop he gotta stay down for my needs, I put him on myself I didn't directly help, but I boosted that torrent health why he

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