Cadie Potatie (this song is awesome btw)

Published by Canvas Records


I did it scrub. Lyrics: Cadie, you didn’t believe me, but I made it I don’t know why though, I know, you’ll hate it So take it, or leave it, I don’t care, it’s late yo You bully me, but wouldn’t if I were a potato “That’s lame bro” you should be shutting up It’s hard not to swear, cause I do it, a fluffing lot If you were here, I bet you’d be cutting o- -icrophone, fine, alright, I’m stopping, fuck Shit I just swore, crap I just did it again Dammit, now I lost another virtual friend But hey, I heard you pretend to be make amend, sometimes That didn’t make sense, great! Funtimes Can I stop rapping now, did I win the bet yet Get ready, I wreck many, I melt Cadie No I don’t, I’m a joke I choke most... …of the time, I can’t even end on a freaking rhyme Well I guess I kinda did, cause time and rhyme, rhymes, hah, rhyme rhymes #audio #Cadie

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