Saddy's Song

Published by Canvas Records


Guitar sample (by wish of Saddy): Lyrics: …Colorful hair and bright smiles …I call her teeth the white mile I might dial her number and call her (Dial tone) Saddy? You’re so damn baller I follow her on Instagram! Actually I don’t, but I would, if I had an Instagram Cause I’m an instant fan, of Saddy the girl When she’s on this planet, it’s the happiest world Don’t let her name fool ya, she’s cool, just fine Well at least if you give her some blue, slush ice We just ride… to Mc Donald’s She got fries… and some nuggets Roadtrip, dope shit, we chill No crib, we don’t split, the thrill… Is too real, damn, I’m a tight rapper And she sings, so damn, I’d tap her I’m just kidding, Timmi, please don’t kill me You know, I’m just… really fucking filthy But my love, I can barely see you; unseen You’re not just a cunt, you’re a cuntie Remove the ‘n’, friend, pretend We ever had a fight, twice, alright We have our ups and downs-syndrome Sorry, this song is really fucking weird… I didn’t even rhyme there, I might stare At your boobs, when you do my make-up, I’m scared Oh wait, you didn’t get fries, you got a burger, right? And Romeo & Juliet was a mass murder, right? #audio #Saddy #Friendsong #lol #stupid #silly

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