Skinny Fabulous -Full Hundred (All De Way)(Orchestra Riddim) "2016 Soca"

Published by Caribbean Captain

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Produced by Millbeatz Entertainment, Mixed & Mastered by Madmen Productions & Millbeatz Entertainment. Mastered by Madmen Productions. Written by Gamal Doyle, Backgrounds : Dale Ryan & Skinny Fabulous. Inspired by the worldly blends of R&B groove, African rhythms and Classical orchestra musicianship that were constant themes in his musical journey, Producer David Millien of Millbeatz Entertainment returned from overseas for the 2016 Carnival season invigorated to produce a blended, international sound that could resonate with a regional masquerader and also captivate a global audience. After many late nights of tinkering and perfecting, Millbeatz Entertainment presents the culmination of this profound mission. We introduce to you - the Orchestra Riddim. As the Orchestra strikes up with pulsating African drums, reigning 2015 Groovy Soca Monarch Olatunji kicks starts the Riddim with what looks to be a possible strong contender to regain his groovy crown. His selection, "With Meh" is sure to resonate with masqueraders who want to share every lasting moment of the carnival experience with that past or present special someone. As the Orchestra builds to a crescendo and the strings and brass come alive, the ever consistent Skinny Fabulous takes it "All De Way" to the limit this Carnival season. In his typically commanding fashion, Skinny encourages all masquerader crews to join in the mass hysteria, hold nothing back and embrace the celebratory spirit "full hundred"! Rounding out the Orchestra "Action" is Menace (M1) with a sweet, groovy anthem that is certain to go down well with the ladies. Direct and straight to the point, Menace pleads for less talk and more action as his seductress mercilessly tantalizes and teases him. David Millien's international cultural experience and desire to push the envelope of local culture is self evident in Millbeatz first Riddim release of the 2016 soca season. Be on the lookout for more as the season progresses, but don't say we didn't warn you - the Orchesta Riddim is destined to break global barriers. Promoting Soca Music & Fete's | Official Youtube Channel: Island View TV /Contact: Caribbean Nation/ Carib Photograhpy/ Island View TV Email: (Like) ( Facebook ) (PersonalPage) ( Facebook ) | @CaribbeanCaptain ( Instagram ) | Island View TV ( YouTube ) #audio #Soca

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