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San Jose, CA, USA
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100’s of hours working with Abelton Pro or Logic X Pro, well rounded in all types of music. Have produced/recorded/mixed/mastered other artists including myself 100’s of times. Can follow any vision a client will request, and I do not shy away from challenge or unconventional projects.

How would I conduct a project?

First I would talk in depth to you about your vision for the song, and how you want it to feel. Then, by option I can update you step by step on the process to match your needs and desires, and I am very capable with matching different sounds, ambient, moods and feeling to songs, and even assist in composure and rewriting if requested.

I enjoy all kind’s of music, I not only produce acoustic, or rap but also classical music. I can match the sound of any style of music, and will clearly understand and replicate whatever vision is presented to me by the client. I am also trained in music, I am not one of those “producers” that doesn’t even know how to play a Piano.

Completion of a single song can be done most likely within 1-3 days, with the final mix within 3-4. if not sooner, really depends on the project and amount of content, change, and mixing/mastering requested.

Gear & Software Experience:
Ableton Live ( Expert )
Logic Pro ( Expert )
Adobe Photoshop ( Expert )
Adobe Premiere Pro ( Intermediate )
Final Cut Pro X ( Intermediate )