The Way You Move (Outkast) [explicit]

Published by Channel Dark

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It's a wonderful thing when a song you knew, but never paid attention to comes around again and crawls into your head. Sometimes it bounces around for a day or two, other times you can't stop listening to it, over and over until it gets out. Perhaps a good sign of the proverbial "earworm". When I was much younger I never really afforded myself an opportunity to listen to any form of rap/hip hop artist. I didn't listen to too much outside of rock for a long period, which I regret not exploring different genres earlier -- especially the ones that I couldn't stand at first glance. Not giving yourself an opportunity to enjoy a genre is kind of a lose/lose situation. What do you gain by shutting down a plethora of soundscapes because you heard one or two songs you couldn't latch on to right away? I'm fairly certain it stems from that same part of the psyche that might dismiss an entire group because they had a bad experience with one member. Seems kind of silly. Unless it's G.G. Allin. Poor fellow; he was always so angry at everything. Cheers! #audio #Acousticlive

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