Pull the Trigger Freestyle

Published by Evan Haltzman Tracy

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(written freestyle) I do NOT own the rights to this song Lyrics: Music is my sanity My savior and my vanity Nothing like a solid jam to put a nervous man at peace And lord knows I'm nervous on the daily That's why I'm constNt dropping tracks I let my music make me I let my music take me To whole different worlds Shit I never thought I'd see But that still ain't quench my thirst I'm just tryna be the first From Allentown PA To hit the ground running Rap doper than some freebase But first I got some work to do I Must reflect and then improve On old designs we settled on Ima bring you something new Ima bring you something true This shits from my soul I see Russ an inspiration Cause he does it on his own That's the way I'm tryna be Original with beats Ironic saying that on remix I ain't stupid I can see But that don't change the fact That all my own work Got a different sound sonically And I write different verse I'm more liable to talk about The lying wolves who talking now Told me that they feel me just to get a chance to drop around Now I feel they stalk me now They're everywhere I go And they Used to talk shit Now they love the way I flow And thinking back to past Least popular in class Passing out all the time Guess they hated that I passed Posting pics of me on Twitter For a few cheap laughs Now you bout to taste the vinegar Cause karma's coming back Oh you didn't think I knew? Cause you never saw me do Anything to retaliate I just think it's better to Save all my energy Put It into better me Got no time for bullshit No time for negatives Truly their opinions worth less than 2 pennies is You always get the last laugh when you silently just better than #audio #Hiphop Rap #remix #bars #dope #freestlye

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