Not My Problem - Chase Y's

Published by Evan Haltzman Tracy

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" that's no concern of mine I guarantee " LYRICS: You got a problem with me That's no concern of mine I guarantee Too far above it It's petty it's nothing It's just a distraction What more do you need? What more could you need What more could this be? its not escalating I won't make a scene I won't make a scene No one will see You won't get the satisfaction from me Woah not from me Woah not from me Not for the dollars Sure as hell not for free I don't play these games I got grown shit to worry bout Prepping for shows I'm Best round you heard about Prepping for shows I'm in a hurry now So much to do in a day Close to burning out But I always got fuel in the tank Always burning diesel running on dank always on my easil my words are my paint working on my verses till they all on display all on display millions i’ll make the grinds always worth it really it pays really it takes somebody brilliant somebody great need a ton of experience to get every body feelin this dealin with all of that hustle the realest shit for those of you out there who don’t understand fucking with yall is not part of my plan i just handle business that’s why i’m the man I save any emotion for my friends and fam plus all my music plus all my fans anyone else they just won’t understand So if we got problems I hope that you can Take your que back the fuck up and let this shit end I ain't bout drama No I ain't got time for it That shit just takes away from my profits I ain't got a dime for it The next time you thinking bout hittin me up Remember you did this I won't be involved Won't answer the call I'm done with it all Superman where your cape go I guess I forgot I'm not wasting energy saving my enemies Why should I try when that shit be death of me One day they friendily Switching sides readily So fickle with it I give em up steadily Miss em I doubt it Feel like never be Needing nobody consistently next to me People just always too prone to the jealousy green eyed in seconds consider a felony No matter how long that the time they spend with me This shits human nature it happens eventually The second i make it how many gon mention me At tables to say they shoulda done better The loser in highschool is now making cheddar Off of these letters Spitting verse better Writtens on something ridiculous never Had it occurred it to me even the score That shits absurdity Tell me what got I ain't got nothing That I need to justify Heard some wack shit about me then they must have lied ft I be on my grind level headed Never give in to my anger Never give in to the vengeance And I'm so better off Try to guess where I'm headed with all my success the hate look pathetic #audio #Hiphop Rap #trap #bass #dope #original

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