Episode 3 Bec Hill Gets BeanBoozled

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Special Guest Bec Hill CheapShow Episode 3 is another instalment of the bargain basement podcast that celebrates the very best of the worst In this episode... Eli calls Paul a down on his luck IT salesman and Paul calls Eli an inside out Danny DeVito. Eli thinks he has the ultimate solution for all these leaked nude pictures. Paul and Ash Frith give us dire warnings about our own phone misadventures. The boys answers the age old questions, "What is worse... Incessant uncontrollable orgasms or over sized testicles?" Very special guest Bec Hill gets put through the wringer thanks to a very peculiar set of inappropriate questions from Eli. Eli picks probably one of the very worst singles ever for his vinyl selection and one that ends quickly... but not quickly enough. The boys introduce a new segment called the Price of Shite - which is like a charity shop version of Antiques Roadshow... But that quickly goes off the rails and eventually leads to Ash and Bec creating, mid show, their own spin off show where the hosts are lovely and nice to each other! Can You Imagine That??!?! Eli has a brief Pop Up Pirate make over. Eli and Paul are charged with creating an advert for Camden Town, which doesn't go well and leads to a hilarious and yet shocking confession from Bec! The highlight of the show is the "Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Challenge" where Paul, Eli and the rest of the packed Camden crowd take on a jelly bean eating competition where no one knows what nice or nasty flavour they are putting in their mouths... but quickly learn to regret it... However it's Eli to takes the brunt of the misery. Finally, Eli throws his weight around on the topic of Fizzy Drinks. He may be wrong, but he really doesn't care! Dare you listen? Should you listen? We'd like you to listen! So listen! Follow us on Twitter @thegeekatorium or @paulgannonshow or @elisnoid @ashfrith @thecheapshowpod Visit our lovely website for more podcasts (now inc. "Richard Sandling's Perfect Movie") at www.geekatorium.net as well as find out when YOU can come to our next recording. If you want to get involved, email us at https://www.twine.fm/signin And if you have to, join us on Facebook - just look for "The Geekatorium" or "CheapShow"! If you like what you hear, please spread the word! Like, share, comment... all that jazz! Subscribe to us on Stitcher or iTunes and get weekly geeky fun WARNING *Show contains strong language and adult material #audio #Comedy #Paul #Gannon #Eli #Silverman #Ash #Frith #Bec #Hill #Podcast #Geekatorium #Jelly #Belly #Beanboozled #Charity #Shop #Orgasm #Toys #Top #Three #Fizzy #Drinks #Nude #Celebrity #Pictures #Live #Comedy #Camden #London #Pop #Up #Pirate

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