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Oakland, United States
Last online: 4 months ago

I’m making beats from HipHop to EDM, plus my own style of experimental production. I started off making heavily sample based beats and moved to sound manipulation then sound design. Now I work on a range of songs with the purpose of providing HipHop instrumentals, a few different types of EDM tracks,even doing film scores, and video game soundtracks, as well as starting a sound design company that makes sound packs and other beak making elements. Some years back I started learning elements of audio engineering to further my understanding of music theory, music composition so I can mix and master too… If you need beats for the purpose of adding lyrics or a instrumental for a film,podcast,commercial,video game soundtrack I’m ready to help. I also have some experience with film editing as well.

Industry Experience:
Media & Entertainment
Gear & Software Experience:
FL Studio ( Expert )
GarageBand ( Intermediate )
Logic Pro ( Intermediate )
GIMP ( Intermediate )
IMovie ( Intermediate )