Chequered Justice CHAPTER 1 by John Bartlett, read by Leslie Phillips CBE

Published by John Bartlett

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Legendary English actor, Leslie Phillips CBE, new Audio Book with ‘Cinematic Style’ backing track. The new audio book, Chequered Justice by John Bartlett, has a running time of around 17 hours, equal to more than eight feature length movies and took over a year to produce. ISBN-13: ISBN-10: Audio CD & Downloadable Audio Book Running time: Approximately 17 Hours Publisher: Amazing Journeys Ltd Sound by: Graham Waller Video by: Go Studio: Synopsis: Will Middleton lives to race. More than just a sport, more than a hobby, it's his first love, his livelihood, and the centre of all his dreams. Thatcher's Britain is in meltdown, yet despite the deepening recession, Will's new team, Trans-Atlantic Racing, has just pulled off a major coup - sponsors are queuing up, nothing can go wrong now, surely. The police raid comes out of the blue. Will is questioned under caution and charged, finding himself in a Kafkaesque world where his guilt appears to have been decided in advance. How could a riding accident, an insurance claim, a bounced cheque and a brief moment of temptation all converge into such a nightmare? Even as his legal team fights for his acquittal, Will knows in his heart that there is a conspiracy, and the roots of it lie deep in the ancient secret society of the Masons. Trans-Atlantic becomes a distant memory as Will encounters a much darker side of life and leaves the glamorous world of motor racing far behind. Available from Amazon from 20th April 2014: About Leslie Samuel Phillips, CBE (born 20 April 1924). Legendary English actor, writer and veritable British institution with a highly recognisable upper class accent. Originally known for his work as a comedy actor, Phillips subsequently made the transition to many character roles. Appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 1998 Queen's Birthday Honours, he was later promoted to Commander (CBE) in 2008. About John Bartlett, (born 19 January 1955). Best known as a former WSCC racing driver and team owner in the 1980s. In 1995, following a riding accident and resultant PPI claims, he was controversially convicted and sentenced to serve up to 6 years in prison; a conviction he has always maintained was unjust and profoundly flawed. Despite being severely dyslexic, in 2010 he completed his first novel Chequered Justice (ISBN Number:, a legal thriller based on his own true story. Chequered Justice was subsequently released in paperback and in 2011 the eBook edition (ISBN 978-0- reached Number 1 in Amazon's bestseller list for courtroom thrillers. In August 2013 Chequered Justice won a prestigious Book of the Day Award. Contact: To learn more about this, please contact: Amazing Journeys Ltd Office: 01622 754280 #audio #Chequered Justice Audiobook #Leslie #Phillips #Aud

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