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Fort Wayne, United States
Last online: 3 weeks ago
Hey What's up my name is Tom Hedstrom, I am an 18yr old Audio Engineer that enjoys produce/DJing once in awhile. I've been "working" in this field sense 14 and i plan on continuing until i kick the bucket. There is no hiding my passion for music, and that's how I plan to keep things. I wish to Graduate College with a Masters in Audio Engineering and go on from there. If you like my stuff, awesome i appreciate it. if not, oh well its fine by me. Shout out to PROcess, check'em out If you wish to contact me for any info (recordings,collabs,gigs,etc.): Email: 260.productions260@gmail.com Instagram: @Chordinated_Beats Facebook: Tom Hedstrom Twitter: Youtube: Fort Wayne Productions