Chris Turner
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Duncraig, Australia
Last online: 10 months ago

Hi all my name is Cj and I have been a musician since the age of 14 when I became a semi-professional drummer and continued drumming for twenty years.

Having the boys in the bands I was with teaching me a few guitar chords, I soon got out and tried my hand at singing in a few talent quests. Winning a few and almost winning a few more I soon hungered to be front of stage doing what was fast becoming my true passion, to sing and absorb the energy of my friendly audiences.

I took my trusty el cheapo Yamaha guitar and 100 watt Peavey PA and soon found myself singing covers and originals in some dark n dingy wine bars around Sydney NSW. At one of those dingy wine bars a man wearing a beautiful dark blue suit, looking quite out of wine bar environment, and asked me if I could fill in the following Friday night at his club as the resident singer was away on holidays.

To my excited shock after asking what club would that be, only to find out it was the biggest and most popular RSL club in Sydney, almost fell off my stool to hurry my confirmation to do the gig.

Well my little 100 watt Peavey was way out matched by the massive room and aprox 300 people audience to where I almost blew the speakers trying to push for that one last watt that would make all the difference.

The man in the suit turned out to be the president of the club and at the end of the night he approached me excitedly asking if I could stay on as the resident singer.

Flattered of coarse but knowing as much as I had the best time with an amazing audience, my little PA was no match for such a gig and being broke I couldn’t afford to purchase equipment that would come close to doing the job. The president smiled at my reason for declining the position and asked me how much the equipment needed would cost. Remembering this was 1980, my quote of $20,000 was not to be sneezed at but hardly drew an eyebrow from the president as he continued by asking where would I purchase the gear.

The best music shop around at the time was the local Guitar Factory store and I relayed the info to him. He simply smiled as he explained he knew the owners of the store and I was to pick out the equipment I needed and he would pay the store owners by cheque.

Etone 1507 speakers to die for. Yamaha 300 12 channel mixer/amp, Takamine guitar, graphic equalizers, 500 watt pre amp boosting to 800 watt house power etc etc and this was one happy chappy. A fill in for one night became a four year resident booking that is still to this day the happiest musical memories I own.

I paid a percentage of my earning every week off the gear and in two years owned it outright.

I could write a book on my musical journey and just may do that as I’ve just finished my first 720 page novel titled “The lady drives a Porsche” getting published is the next journey.

Now with silver hair and many memories, most I call bridesmaid memories, almost but not quite, I have recharged myself and blessed with a still strong voice, am charging off into a shorter bt still exciting future.

I purchased a Tascam 2488 Neo 24 track digital recorder, a Yamaha Aria electric piano, along with my trusty Alesis SR16 drummer, Yamaha MDP2 disc orchestra module and my Takamine and a Yamaha Bass guitar, and now anything you hear of mine recorded on Radio Airplay I recorded myself. Playing and programming all the instruments, vocals lead and harmony, mastering, mixing, arranging and recording.

A new adventure. A new journey. A new excitement. It becomes fruitful, heartfelt and sooooo worthwhile if I receive even just one message from a listener who said they enjoyed my work.

You my fan would me this old boy so happy if you sent a message even if it’s just a simple hello.

God bless and guide all you wonderful performers of all genres and may you keep your passion alive.

Its been 18 yrs since I have sung and my first year back has been insanely awesome.

Cj ( back from the ashes )

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