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Cape Town, South Africa
Last online: 2 weeks ago

Claire Hesom is a 23 year old Cape Town based recording artist who is beginning to attract a lot of attention from online and conventional media as well as the SoundCloud community.

Her smooth, emotionally charged voice has DJ producers such as Dune, Blitzkrieg and others lining up to work with her. Her first major collaboration was with Barrybass, founding member and original songwriter of the massively popular Cape Town ska band, The Rudimentals. He asked her to sing on some of his latest compositions and it’s been a one way trip for this talented multi-instrumentalist ever since.

Claire began her musical career as a drummer at the tender age of eleven and has since added vocals, guitar and even some keyboards to her bag. What’s more, she’s equally comfortable behind the desk as in front of a mic, having studied sound engineering at Cape Audio College where she graduated top of her class in 2014.

Her sound engineering skills have been put to good use in the film industry where she has worked on such hit international series as Homeland (with Claire Danes) and Wallander (with Kenneth Branagh). So, she’s no stranger to stardom.

Yet, this small town girl from Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal hasn’t let all the adulation go to her head. With her feet planted in terra firma she’s happy to make the hard slog, putting one foot in front of the other and enjoying the journey. If you meet Claire you’d say she has no idea of her own talent yet she instantly wins the love and respect of all those who cross her path, be it in the streets and clubs of Cape Town, on film sets or in the online music fraternity. But don’t tell her that; her modesty is part of her compelling charm!

Her repertoire of recorded works include such quirky covers of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car and Pixies’ Where Is My Mind which inspired DJ producer Dune to pounce on this rising star to do remixes in his own electronica style. If you hear the former tunes on SoundCloud you’ll be struck by the similarities with Tracy Chapman’s soulful voice. She’s also been compared to several other major artists, the only commonality it seems is that she is good, very good!

But covers aren’t really Claire’s bag and the list of catchy original compositions from this prolific artist seems to grow daily. When you hear her A Moth to the Flame (on which she played all instruments and sang) or This Old Town you’ll agree, the originals are, if anything, better than the covers. Ever aware of her own limitations Claire knows better than anyone how to write for her inimitable sultry voice.

Or is it instinct? Claire has music running through her veins, there is no doubt. Barely a month after she picked up the guitar she was writing and performing on that instrument at a level which is exasperating to those of us who have taken years to attain her level of competence. Let’s call it 50% talent 90% effort as Claire seems to have boundless energy to put into her passion for music while working a full schedule in the notoriously demanding Cape Town film industry.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the latest from this meteoric new talent who doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word “can’t”.

Barry Clausen

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