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Tambon Nong Chaeng, Thailand
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C.C.Tennissen was born on 12.5.1960 in Germany as the daughter of Actor and Ballet Dancer Udo Kaemper, known from the Jerry Cotton Movies and his own T.V. Series “Harry Holl - Privat Detective”.

Being born into a Musician and Actor family, she was confronted with the “Entertainment Industry” very early at the age of 3 years old, when her family sent her to the Conservatory Of Music “Schoenwasser Park” in Krefeld to study Classical Music.

She learned to play the Piano, the Flute, various Rhythm Instruments and had extensive Vocal training as well as learning the Theory of Music.

In 1973 she joined the American Band Steamboat much against the will of her family and toured successfully all over Germany and Europe in the USO Shows with mostly Original Songs, but also Cover Songs.

The Band was disolved and in 1982 and C.C. moved to America, where she joined the Band Westwind and was able to win the Battle Of The Bands in Washington with them.

Westwind also broke up and after 3 years Las Vegas she finally moved to California and dedicated her talent to the Gospel Music for 9 years professionally and did a lot a “Studio” work.

Jerry Cole from "The Champs heard her sing in 1996 and immediately took her under his wings as a vocalist.

Having received several hundred of Gold and Platinum Records himself, he proved not to only be a great guidance and Producer, but also a great friend who guided C.C. throughout the next years. They remained good friends until his death several years ago.

In 2001 she was able to enter a nationwide Singing Contest and achieved the first place in the Trials of California. The Finals were held in Las Vegas one year later and she was able to place herself on the 4 th Rank.

Being judged not only for Vocal Ability and Entertainment, but also for appearence, she was told later by the Jury, the only reason she did not make 1 rst Place, was because she went on stage barefooted, having forgotten her Cowboy Boots in California and not realising it until the day of her Performance.

In the same year she had to pause her career for personal reasons and returned to Germany, where she discovered her love to the “real” American Country Music.

She had the oppertunity to go to Thailand in 2005, where she worked in her also learned and studied profession as an English, Music and German Teacher for almost 1 year and returned then to Germany.

Toi Records and the well known Producer Peter Sebastian took her under Record contract in 2008 and he successfully produced an Album - “Die Zeit Ist Reif” and several Singles with her in German language.

Germany started to notice C.C.Tennissen more and more and after being in various official Charts, she also was invited by Your Majesty “King Cepah Bansah” of Ghana to sing at his Charity Gala “Water for Ghana”, held in Frankfurt, Germany to help raise money for a much needed water well in Ghana and also donated her entire proceeds from the evening to this much needed project.

She proudly holds a personal Thank You letter, written, signed and sealed by Your Highness himself, which is hanging next to her biggest rewards in the Recording Studio of 5apes Records.

But her heart was and is in the English speaking Music and so her husband Wolfgang Ulm founded his own Record Label 5apes Records in 2010 and became her Producer, Manager and guidance for her continuing musical career.

Together they wrote and published very successfully several Singles in both English and German language, but also took songs of other composers::

Ich Wuensch Dir / Now Go To Hell - written by Wolfgang Ulm

Auf Deine Treue / That’s Why - written by Wolfgang Ulm

Roll On - written by Michael Gerwien

Everybody’s Dancin’ - written by Tommy Louis and Alan Field

A Tribute to Johnny Cash - Ghostriders In The Sky - written by Stan Jones

Das Fest Der Liebe / The Holy Season Of Love - written by Wolfgang Ulm

The Trail - written by Kenny Pulley

Currently C.C.Tennissen and Wolfgang Ulm are on a long Tour throughout Asia with several Bands and is also working on her next Album “Back To The Roots”, planned for publication sometime this year of 2014.

“The Trail” was the first Single out of that Album and was published on Jan 6th of this year 2014. After being out for only a few hours and uploaded in all the known Download Portals, "The Trail’, written by Kenny Pulley already placed itself in several Internet Indie Charts and promises to be a self runner.

Telling the story of the Cherokee Indian Nation, this song already found many fans.

C.C.Tennissen, not only known for her 4,5 Octaves Vocal Range, but also by the way she brings the Music to the heart of her fans in her own charming and stubborn way.

She manages to almost always combine several styles of music into one, while still “Keeping It Country” most of the time.

Her worldwide Stage presence of over 30 years has brought alot of great Music to the hearts and souls of many around this globe.

Having received several awards for her music, she still remains humble up to this day and is just looking forward to brighten the day of as many people as possible.

Sharing her gift of Music makes us look forward to many more years to come of enjoying this great Artist .

“Back To The Roots” is an Album, where C.C.Tennissen bares her heart and soul and it already promises goosebumps and feelings pure. “The Trail” and “Back To The Roots” are as special and out of the ordinary as C.C. herself and will find it’s way into the heart of many.

written by Wolfgang Ulm - Producer 5apes Records

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