See How We Are Now - The Creetins feat Clint Richardson (Remastered 2014)

Published by Clint Richardson

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Alternative Rock Crossover The Creetins were originally Clint Richardson (vocals and guitar), Doug Crosby (Drums), Mike Warstler (Bass), and Jon Smith (Keys/sound engineer). Chris 'Avery' Kleckner would join the band after the song "Jennifer" was recorded and perform future lead guitar. In Apr 2014 Clint Richardson would find an original copy of limited issue demo tape (only 300 made) in good condition and upload it to The fidelity of the recording was limited quality at best being it was in the form of cassette. Clint took to remastering it using Audacity (tm) software. Although little could be done to affect noise, wow and flutter, he was able to boost a buried bass guitar, and widen the sound to better equalize the levels of each sound. The Creetins would eventually succumb to the many issues bands face to this day. Clint would go on to other projects that may appear here at a future date. Let it be known that Clint Richardson wishes that all members of the Creetins, original and future past are happy and doing well. Please feel free to download any of the tracks for any non commercial use, personal use and to share. All recordings are copyrighted and all rights reserved. #audio #Alternative Rock Crossover #The #Creetins #Washington #DC #See #how #we #ar #Clint #Richardson #Doug #Crosby #Mike #Warstler #Jon #Smith #Chris #Avery #Kleckner #1990 #Grog #and #Tankard #Creetins

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