Music Life (Produced by. Conoscenza)

Published by One Life


*FREE DOWNLOAD* Instrumental produced by Conoscenza -When my conversation stumbled, I converted switched over to the instrumental and made a sweet crumble, I admit I'm not an angel, But my rappin delight made me focused like a camera and able, Able to be third, nope able to be first, If I take the three chances I get maybe I will get lucky, Or am I daft, Pharrel my skill, will haunt ya like Chucky, But I'm cool, I'll tell the haters that I'm waitin in the fridge, I wanna ball, in the snow from putting in work all through the Summer, I think if you look at any face for five seconds only, You'll remember that face like your only homie, So the last note I spent today, It's been on my mind ever since, And notes are related to the synths, Music is like family it's always there, Through the beat with the snare, Can bring defeat and despair, I'm obsolete I don't care, My flow is rated double R cus' I swear it's jus real and it's rare, Or the triple R in my dreams bubbles Rolls Royce Rollin', Tryna make a piece of art with this music creativity is unfolding, The bells just all ring, bulldozer with no bullring, Them haters that spit are annoying like it's pouring, Reminding me of what I should be, Like Sunday you're boring, chyea- I take in positive vibes cus' that makes positive lives, Negative people in your circle that's when trouble arrives, So I'm just lovin' ma life, With a little bit of pain on the side, And they never really gonna feel it never gonna notice, But camera's flashin' in my dreams so you know I'm gonna be focused, Guided by God, aim for my targets with this dart flow, Went from sittin in the dark, To getting up in the bright light to get dough. And as I gaze into the sky, I sometimes think about family and musicians then ask myself why, But I don't need to cry, Like Nike JDI Just Do It, Like Mike in the sky just go through it, Just gotta show n' prove you got nothing to lose, L plate on haters heads the S is right next to you for you to use- snooze. Picture your dream as if it was sculpted, Constructing ever little piece without the assumptions, Stay cool but also stay erupted travel to the hot spot, time to make your spot hot, Would you try and change the world if you had any plans? Would you prefer hundreds of grand's, or keep them hundreds of fans, It's all in your hands, it's all in your hands, it's all in your hands, it's all in your hands- chyea. #audio #Hip Hop #Old #Skool #Rap #lyricism #Oxford

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