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Amargosa Valley, United States
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"Colton Craig isn't an average EDM producer. He's a musician more than anything. He doesn't try to get ahead using a false self image with the use of repetitive branding or whoring self rep. He makes music. Music is to him, as it is with many others, a way to express his emotional status and assert his personality. A unique personality that emits a unique sound." ~n00bikscube (Jared Simpson) Dear Listeners, Thank you so much for tuning in on my music. It is my life and it means the world to me when people listen to me. If I hit the "big-time" it'll be because of you guys sharing and supporting me. I am more than passionate about this and I hope one day the hard work pays off. I long to inspire people all around this earth of ours. Thanks again:) ~Colton Craig "Bloom EP" OUT NOW!!! https://coltoncraigofficial.bandcamp.com/album/bloom-ep EMAIL FOR COLLABS AND OR COMMENTS ON THE TUNES: djfossilfuelz@yahoo.com Bandcamp: https://coltoncraigofficial.bandcamp.com/ Beatport: http://dj.beatport.com/coltoncraig Thanks for listening to my music and be sure to share it with others!