Episode 142 - Coffee, Time, and Gentleman

Published by Comatose Podcast


John Bauer starts up a morning routine fueled by coffee, then Bashir Harrell takes on a journey through time, and last up is Andrew Barton Paterson's poetic recounting of court. ---------------------- Episode 142 - Coffee, Time, and Gentleman Editor/mixer -Michael Belancourt Narrator -Nizar Babul Contributors -John Bauer "Cups of Coffee" -Bashir Harrell "Free Mind Free Time" -Andrew Barton Paterson "In Re a Gentleman, One" (read by tovarisch) Music -Narration: saib. - Sakura Trees -Segment 1: Sleepdealer - Sugar -Segment 2: (Koi)コイ。 - Not You -Segment 3: intrɪkət - foam (ft Vizuals) Art -Bashir Harrell ---------------------- If you liked Andrew Barton Paterson check out LibriVox: https://librivox.org/ If you liked the music be sure to check out Michael Belancourt, Mr. Alexander, saib., Sleepdealer, (Koi)コイ。, intrɪkət, and Vizuals. https://soundcloud.com/enfinity https://soundcloud.com/mr-alexand-er https://saibeats.bandcamp.com/releases https://soundcloud.com/saib_eats https://drtybeauty.bandcamp.com/album/dreamland https://soundcloud.com/sleepdealerbeats https://pondofkoifish.bandcamp.com/music https://soundcloud.com/pond-of-koi-fish https://soundcloud.com/fujitsuu1 https://theartistunion.com/tracks/817e90 If you liked saib., intrɪkət, and Vizuals listen to the other artists on HIP DOZER: https://soundcloud.com/hipdozer https://theartistunion.com/hipdozer If you liked (Koi)コイ。 take a look at the other artists on Fanservice Collective: https://soundcloud.com/fanservicecollective http://fanservice.bandcamp.com/ If you liked Sleepdealer listen to the other artists on DirtyBeauty: https://drtybeauty.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/drtybeauty If you want to have your music featured on Comatose, send us an email at Submissions@comapod.com or tweet us @ComatosePodcast. ---------------------- Site: http://comapod.com iTunes: http://comapod.com/itunes The Coffeelicious: https://medium.com/the-coffeelicious Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/comatosepodcast #audio #Entertainment #coffee #time #gentleman #podcast #comapod #comatose

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