Episode 37 - Ralph Sutton, Ezra Pound, and Language

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Comatose is a short weekly collection of pithy stories and insightful commentary. New episodes come out on Monday if we're on time, and generally run for 10 minutes. This week we have Ralph Sutton of The SDR Show and The Tour Bus, with a piece on what happened to the rocker identity with "The State of Rock and Roll", followed by Augustus Sol Invictus with an awe inspiring recitation of an Ezra Pound poem, "Salutation The Third", last up is Proantithesis talking about how the use of language can greatly affect the meaning of a message with "What about American on American Terrorism Part 2: Language". ---------------------- Episode 37 of Comatose Editor/mixer -Michael Belancourt Narrator -John Bauer Contributors -Ralph Sutton "The State of Rock and Roll" -Augustus Sol Invictus "Salutation The Third" -Proantithesis (Basil Benjamin) "What about American on American Terrorism Part 2: Language" If you enjoyed Ralph's story, be sure to check out his podcast, The SDR Show: http://www.thesdrshow.com/ If you liked the music be sure to check out Michael Belancourt, Mr. Alexander, Mobius Strip, and Boqeh: https://soundcloud.com/enfinity https://soundcloud.com/mr-alexand-er https://www.facebook.com/Mobiusstripwinfield https://boqeh.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/boqeh If you want to have your music featured on Comatose, send us an email at ComatosePodcast@gmail.com or tweet us @ComatosePodcast. #audio #podcast #all #hail #king #kunta #comatose #comapod #theSDRshow #Ralph #Sutton #Ezra # #Language #Pound

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