Episode 32: Keep Moving Forward - A Tribute to Monty Oum

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Episode 32 of Comatose: Keep Moving Forward Editor/mixer -Michael Belancourt Narrator -Nizar Babul Contributors -Jon Risinger "Peace My Heart by Rabindranath Tagore" -John Bauer "Day 2" -Augustus Sol Invictus "Homeric Hymn to Dionysus" If you enjoyed Jon Risinger's recitation, keep your eyes out for more on his SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/jonrisinger If you liked the music be sure to check out Michael Belancourt, Mr. Alexander, The Ambiguity, and Alternate Cake: https://soundcloud.com/enfinity https://soundcloud.com/mr-alexand-er https://soundcloud.com/the-ambiguity/ http://www.alternatecake.com/ If you want to have your music featured on Comatose, send us an email at ComatosePodcast@gmail.com or tweet us @ComatosePodcast. RIP Monty #audio #podcast #comatose #comat #comapod

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