Episode 39 - The Inca, Time, and Toys

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This week we have Rene Sanchez taking us to the Andes with a story of a lesson he learned through a lack of understanding, followed by Bernie Green stopping the clock and breaking down each beat into a measurable instance, last up is Job Ranger with a throwback to childhood dreams being put together block by block. ---------------------- Episode 39 - The Inca, Time, and Toys Editor/mixer -Michael Belancourt Narrator -Nizar Babul Contributors -Rene Sanchez "The Meaning of Reciprocity" -Bernie Green "Time" -Job Ranger (Louis Reich) "Play Well" If you liked the music be sure to check out Michael Belancourt, Mr. Alexander, (Koi)コイ, Hojarasca, Unplugged and Reborn, and Dean Murphy: http://soundcloud.com/enfinity http://soundcloud.com/mr-alexand-er http://soundcloud.com/pond-of-koi-fish http://pondofkoifish.bandcamp.com/ http://soundcloud.com/hojarasca-m-sica-andina http://hojarascamusicandina.wordpress.com/ http://unpluggedandreborn.com/ http://www.facebook.com/DeanMurphyMusic If you want to have your music featured on Comatose, send us an email at ComatosePodcast@gmail.com or tweet us @ComatosePodcast. #audio #podcast #comapod #comatose #inca #time #toys

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