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London, Canada
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They say that “music loves everybody” and everybody loves music. From the beginning of time, music has always played a major role in all our lives. That I can say is an understatement. Music is a bringing together of people through, thought, verse and voices. When you write the lyrics, then comes the music which ever comes first. But just hearing the finish product can be indeed moving. Hearing that song you started from scratch with pencil and paper and now it’s on the radio or TV. It can be nothing less than breathtaking.

I compare it to designing a web page then clicking publish when in less that a second your web page is there to the eyes of the world. Like many song writers, song writing is an art of thought which leads us sometimes in many directions. I started writing on anything I found at the age of eight. At the age of sixteen, I loved listening to Motown songs much to the dismay of my deeply religious father. But I have stuck with it through thick and thin.

One day many years ago, I paid a visit to Andy Anka’s office then on Avenue Road In Toronto. Andy, the father of a famous singer songwriter Paul Anka of “Diana”, the Frank Sinatra’s hit “My Way”, and the theme music introduction of the tonight Show with Johnny Carson. My visit to Andy’s office was to get advise on my chances of being a songwriter. To be in the presence of such an individual was deeply moving. When I showed him my lyrics, he said in no uncertain terms " “regardless of how long it takes to make it happen never stop writing”. Those words have stayed with me all these many years.

After meeting with Mr. Anka I became of a member of BMI and signed a contract. I am also a present member of SOCAN Song Writers Association of Canada. I have completed credit courses in College Creative Writing Programs which has increased my interest not only writing songs but a book of memoirs as well.

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