Ninna V - Corrupt Systems Techno Podcast - January 2016

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Ninna V - Corrupt Systems Techno Podcast - January 2016 Download: Ninna started working as DJ at Mercado Bar, Porto, as a resident in 1992, just after she was a resident at Club Cais 447, in Matosinhos, Porto, as well,where she stayed till 93.When these club and bar closed, she went to Marechal Bar and stayed as resident for 1 year. In that time there wasn't DJ agencies yet in Portugal,she had the idea of opening one, called "Beyond the Agency" to represent herself and other DJ's to launch, also were starting the rave parties, all new to this country, had this agency for 12 years. Ninna V started to represent national and international dj's and booking them to play here in Portugal. She played with some of the best national and international, dj's in the world such as A. Paul, Advent, Dave Clarke, Gayle San, Kevin Yost, Roger Sanchez, David Alvarado, Danny "Buddah" Moralles, Richard Lees Crees, Kid Loco, Victor Simonelli,Benji Candelario, Paco Buggin, Nacho, Victor Flores, Jose Luis Magoya, Mario Roque, Dj Vibe, Carlos Manaça, Petty, Jiggy, Oscar Baía, Luis Leite, Paulo Leite,João Daniel and more. For 23 years she played everywhere in Portugal, at all knowing clubs, like : Kremlin, Comvento, Alcantara Club, Industria, Swing, Maré Alta, Kadoc , Locomia, Capitulo V,etc etc. Was responsible for many "Leite Night Sessions" Parties, with Luis Leite and Paulo Leite, where they all played together, around the country. Also went to play at : Vigo, Coruña, Barcelona, Spain, Graasmtown Music, Culture and Multimedia Festival, South Africa, Malta, London, Zurich at Reaktor Club. Ninna also produced and organized events since 96, the first one was in Lisbon, at Armazem 3, where there was about 3000 people.Later, organized also a Tour around Portugal and Spain, with dj Mario Roque, and to name a few of clubs where they played : Teatro Sa da Bandeira, Kremlin, Kadoc, Vademecum,Vigo. She also had a radio show called "Groovy Planet", and could interviw dj's and play their sets, it was a 2h show, at NFM radio. Had a bar in Porto, called Maré Alta as Club and After hours, knowing as Maré Alta the Oficial After Hours of Porto City, where many great dj's played : Dj Vibe, dj Jiggy, Mario Roque, Dl Costa, David Alvarado ( USA). - Ninna V Links - #NinnaV #CorruptSystems #Techno #Podcast #music #audio #electronic #dj #mix #set #UK #Label

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