Nick Duco Vs. The World (16 Bar)

Published by Nick Duco


Intro to my new tape coming soon, One time on L I got this vision trust me I could kill yall with this lyrcial emission ma, I aint going to college dont worry bout tuition its just me against the world and this is my admission nowadays its either shoot or get shot to be honest im glad I stuck with the pot im glad I grew to be who I am and what not looking up and tryna be like biggie and tupac hell, since a young age I've been a rebel but in a good way I dont wanna take a dance with the devil sitting in my room alone mixing base and mixing treble wit dreams to enter the game and bring awhole new level So letter by letter and word by word I will evolve to be a legend in the game any problem I will solve I aint like them other fuck boy rappers who just dissolve Im the new king wheres my crown bitch I aint no salt #audio #Rap #HipHop #Jazz #Crusha #Nick #Duco #Vs #The #World #Trippy #Psychedelic #Music #LSD #Trill

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