Joe Bats - Melbourne (Crystal Fake's Award Winning Remix)

Published by Fredrik Östling

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Direct links to shops and further info: Artist: Joe Bats Title: Melbourne / Thunderfield Cat. no.: CFM005 Release date: 2014-07-29 Label: Crystal Fake Music Genre: Techno, Deep House, Ambient Track listing: 01 Melbourne 02 Melbourne (Crystal Fake’s Award Winning Remix) 03 Thunderfield 04 Thunderfield (Cosmic Mix) Release info Massive debut release from Swede-now-living-down-under Joe Bats that takes you out on a club night you’ll never forget, one of those that sticks with you! The opening track immediately hits you in the face with a mega-deep kick and dark ambient sounds that might have been recorded in the docklands of his hometown Melbourne. Grim synths add melodies to the perpetual rhythm in this peak hour banger. Crystal Fake’s remix brings a more techy and trippy sound to it. The murmuring filtered synth is accompanied by dirty lo-fi dub delays. 6 AM warehouse party in the harbour kind of feeling here. Thunderfield transports you to the afterhour party. Maybe even one following a UK rave in the 90’s with sampled voices and a supremely melodic landscape. Finally the “Cosmic Mix” is the beatless come-down that leaves even more space for the cinematic arpeggios and harmonies.The perfect club night is over. For this time. #audio #Techno

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