Trophy Girl

Published by Fredrik Östling

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Direct links to shops and further info: Artist: Crystal Fake Title: Diamond Man / Trophy Girl Cat. no.: CFM006 Release date: 2015-01-05 Label: Crystal Fake Music Genre: Techno, Minimal, Tech House Track listing: 01 Diamond Man 02 Trophy Girl 03 Diamond Man (Paragon Version) 04 Trophy Girl (Nomaton Mixus) Release info: Diamond Man and Trophy Girl are two of the first tracks that were recorded in the Capsule III studio in 2011 but were never released. Now the time has come and this package includes a brand new version of each track besides the originals. Diamond Man could almost be the Crystal Fake theme song, not only because of the title, but for its utterly epic melodic techno production that has become the artist's trademark. Prepare to get mesmerized by the reflections of the diamond! Trophy Girl is more of a minimal pre-peak-hour synthesizer knob twiddler with an occasional string chord that will surely put a flirtatious smile on the clubber's face. The Paragon Version of Diamond Man is Crystal Fake's own year 2015 interpretation. It's dirtier, more repetitive but first and foremost mega-fat and mischievously cocky. The remix work for Trophy Girl is provided by none less than Uppsala fellow Nomaton (aka Unai). Super-minimal and stripped down to the barebone our Trophy Girl is here all about taking you on a journey where the microscopic details matter! #audio #Techno #TechHouse

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