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Jersey City, United States
Last online: 10 months ago

Name Big cheese Birth place NY NY but thoroughly raised in jersey city
Producer of a B.U.Production inc.

Well for one thing is that I’m a real person being fake doesn’t even applied to my standers or in my hood I grew up in the streets of Jersey City where sht out here is no walk in the park got a wife but also been married to the game for years now. I love making music hip-hop, R&B and rap that’s is my sht. Ever since I was young like ten,eleven years old I was always in to beats, DJ equipment and even use to collect different type of amps,stereo speakers equalizer anything that had to do with either making or just listening to music. I use to sneak into My older brothers room Just to Fuck with his technique 1200. No one around my area had what we had I mean some of mine niggas from around the way used to come through just to make a mix tape I’ve learned a lot of sh*t using turn tables and a gemini scratch master. I had the one that had a sampler built in it. We knew where all the party be at. We was the life line of a party. I grew on Baldwin ave and fleet street. I only hung around older crowds. These nigga here knew everything about the music industry especially this one cat I grew up with
Ali aka (Akon). This dude right here was all about the music. I can reflect to the way he was because he has three brothers and so do I. He really put me up on to music. At that moment that’s when I really really got into hip-hop making beats and Rapping. I use to see akon pick up a microphone and just start freestyle and beat bopping and shit. Anyways I’m trying to do something unique create a different kind of vibe that you can nod your head to. I sample alot but i also use 88keys. My main shit is reason and mpc2000xl shit niggaz get tight when they here a types of sounds i come up with when im using these two type of instrument.

Special thanks to : first is to god for giving us life and blessing everyone in my life and giving me the strength to forgives those, as he forgives me. My wife Lissie thanks babe for pushing to reach my goals. And you did always say " Set a goal and reach for it " I love you". To my son michael Anthony, little me. You walk and talk just like me. when I first held your little hand together with mine I knew then that you would change my entire world and it has been the best thing to ever happen to me. Love you and keep your priorities straight. Like I always told you " Respect others and others will Respect you back ". To Justin and Chastity i love you guys. If it wasn’t you’s both I wouldn’t probably learn the facts of life, how to be a dad and how to be responsible and cherish what I have. I’m looking forward to enjoy my success with you guys. And to my mom my brother mace lil bro pause and to one and only who’s up in heaven watching every move I make “Gazzer” aka Jose .I love you always. Wish you were here. Theres not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. You are always in my heart. See you when it’s my time but for now I know you in a better place. In gods hands now "LOVE YOU BROTHER "

It’s funny how everyone tries to treat you like pawn piece when In reality they are the ones that needs to be check Mate