Presto Change-O [Abracadabra]

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From the album "Presto Change-O [Abracadabra]". Licensed by Sony Entertainment Aus dem Album "Presto Ändern-O [Abracadabra]". Von Sony Entertainment lizenziert. Thinking of some of the hottest artists new music and some of the classic artists inspired this song: Shakira “She Wolf [Spanish/English Version]”, Oliver Portal “My Jangled Journey”, Rihanna “Shut Up And Drive”, Ricky Martin “She Bangs [Spanish/English Version]”, Jody Whateley “Some Kind of Lover [Extended Version]”, Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch “Good Vibrations”. This is a tribute to the "Real DJ" feel the "Wheels of Steel" as he mixed each track by hand...Old School. Like a Chinese Master he had to be one with the music and the crowd simultaneously, all night long. I had the pleasure of learning from working around the best of New York City's Old School DJ's. Pete "DJ" Jones, Ron Plummer, DJ Flowers [Representing the Caribbean], Big Bob [Empire Roller Dome], Mike [70 West], The Dow "Twins", DJ Carter [Studio 109 Roller Rink], Luke "Skywalker" Frey [DANCEFANTASY], Doug Davenport & Donna [Double Express, Glen Cove & DANCEFANTASY], and Johnny "The Duke" Allen [Formerly WBLS now Kiss FM]. All this could never have happened without friends: Melody West [Sigma Sound, NYC], Frank Russell, the whole WLIR Crew including the “Public Watermelon Gang”, Radio DJ’s: Paco Rabon, J.D. Holiday, Les “Mr. Jazz” Davis, Vi Higginson, Chuck Leonard, Ken Webb. Support Battle Jocks: Jellybean Benitez, Chemical Brothers, DJ Hardware, DJ Shadow, Chris Cox, DJ Gigi D’Agastino, Underground Warriors, Mike Rahmdanny & Gemini Record Pool [1978-1983] Twin, Area Code 609, EMF, DJ Cor & United DJ’s Of America to name a few. Thought I forgot all of you huh? It is also a dedication to the friendship shown me by Ambassador Keith Johnson, Jamaica W.I. and his family [The Twins] Hope & Marie, and especially to his mother “Mama Johnson” who looked after me when I was in United Nations Int’l School, Parkway Village, Queens, N.Y. My mother had many friends at the United nations where she worked for over 16 years. Many were from the Caribbean and Central America. This is also a love song for some of the most beautiful women that God [Allah] has created [Shauna E., Margret, Wendy, Deidra, Kalinda, Edi, Sitander, Kassandra, Norma, Lela, Annabelle, Sinnamon, Blaze, Rae Dawn, Dawn, Zaire, Monique, Anastasia, Debara, Francy, Tanga, Felicia, Andrea, Jaguar, Mavis P., Krystal, Cleo, Wendy, Honey, Nefertiti, Suli, Stephanie, Zena H., Aguilar, Kiana, Mora, Kellya, Sebab N., Xerona, Ulla, Shandra, Quenetta, Pinky, Miranda, Kim, Angelique, Shirley, Lucille, Fatima, Diana, Talat, Asha, Keisha, Nadia, Beshannah, Monique, Rafit, Nadia, Appoline, Katrina, Ana, Althea, Malaka, Lenore, Grace, Tarun, Paula, Davina, Keli, Liza Miriam, Jannifer F., Becky]. At the risk of sounding extremely if I could I would marry all of you! It is said in most cultures when older men choose younger women when they are smart. To be seen in public would be

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