Rise To the Occasion [Luke "Skywalker" Fry Tribute]

Published by DANCEFANTASY Sound Lab

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From the album "NuJack - Old School". Licensed by Sony Entertainment. Back when I was a brand new struggling “Portable DJ” I made deals with a number of places to get my records, one place in particular gave me a great deal: However I had to buy minimum $100 worth every purchase to get the discounted rates. My original partner Julius had contributed a Sony MX-6 mix console and a Pioneer reverb unit to the business. I paid all the taxes and did most of the gigs myself. His share was 50% even though he didn’t get bookings, play most of the sets or even marketed then [Free Love DJ’s]. Then the name derived from Jean Carn’s hit song which was always my opening song wasn’t helping because everybody wanted me to work for FREE! In search for a new name and more proactive DJ partner I contacted a good friend Carol S. [Advertising Arts Major] and paid her to design a new logo and name [DANCEFANTASY]. Borrowing the catch fraise from a furniture [Maurice Valency] company “We Make The Fantasy Real”. Since I had just started doing staging and lighting I made a deal with BESTEK Theatrical, Babylon, N.Y. to rent lights, dri-ice, and other lighting effects the creation of a virtual reality dance extravaganza was possible. Doing some work as a part-time sound man for Mary Beard [Vennettes Cultural Workshop, Wyandanch, N.Y.] I would contract her school to provide live dance routines for various Country Clubs and Roller-Thon's. Nino Dias an Air force buddy introduced me to Luke Frey an upcoming [Caucasian] younger DJ from Freeport, N.Y. I was blown away we had both similar skills and took great care of our records plus he played salsa and meringue, scratched and mixed his ass off. This song is one of the first songs I arranged as a tribute to Luke “Skywalker” [ass I called him] Frey and the other DJ’s that eventually became part of my DANCEFANTASY family. Needless to say Julius was outsourced before we went to WKTU FM with Frank Russell in 1978. contact me: https://www.twine.fm/signin // https://www.twine.fm/signin #audio #Disco #Nu #Dance #Deep #House

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