Twenty-Something [Pleated Skirt Fantasy]/20代[プリーツスカートファンタジー] /Huszonéves [rakott szoknya Fantasy]

Published by DANCEFANTASY Sound Lab

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From the [2] album set "Exotic Love Songs” [Every Woman's Fantasy Pt. 2] Clean Version. Licensed by Sony Entertainment. From the [2] album set "Exotic Love Songs” [Every Woman's Fantasy Pt. 2] Clean Version. Licensed by Sony Entertainment. Du [2] album ensemble "Love Songs" exotique [de chaque femme Fantaisie Pt. 2] international Clean Version. Agréée par Sony Entertainment Desde o [2] set álbum "Love Songs" Exotic [Fantasia Pt de cada mulher. 2] Internacional Clean Version. Licenciado pela Sony Entertainment [2]アルバムセット」エキゾチックな愛の歌」[すべての女性のファンタジーのPt。2]クリーンバージョンから。ソニーエンターテイメントにライセンスされています。 A [2] album set "Exotic Love Songs" [minden nő Fantasy Pt. 2] Clean Version. Engedélyével történt Sony Entertainment. Inspiration came from: Human Legue “Human”, Hiroshima “Go “ & “Hawaiian Electric”, Ashford & Simpson “Don’t Cost you Nothing”, “Found A Cure [12” Single]” &”It Seems To Hang On” , Grover Washington Jr. “Let It Flow “For Dr. J.” and “Winelight”. From high school to the corporate office pleated skirts have always insired dirty thoughts from man young and old. For the women wearing those devilishly innocent looking skirts [Kiana, Blaze, Margret, Wendy, Solonge, Pearl, Mitsuko, Deidra, Zena H., Aguilar, Daisy, Karissa B., Jenny R., Strawberry, Andrea, Lela, Annabelle, Tarun, Appoline, Holly C., Keisha, Lee Y., Sutomi, Sasuki, Mora, Talat, Jiang, Ariel S., Marnie, Suki, Gigi S., Tae L., Roxi G., Nina, Ami A., Jade S., Cricket, Jade, Dee, Trixie, Viviana, Fern, Joon, Kip, Gai, Kim, Aon, Dar, Far, Bun, Yaya, Luanne, Yumi, Fiona, Patsy, Mandi, May H., Leah, Akatani, Nina, Soon L., Ishi, Dulcie, Soon L., Nataly Alice W., Lay LaK., Nastya, Abigail, Adrianna, Nataly, Holly D., Cake, J.J., Aurora, Talia, Meoy, Katrina, Kari S., Tatianni, Michelle, Rio, Kasia, Jenny, Bibi, Natalie, Jenny, Moon P., Maile, Cassia, Natsumi M., Tia T., Reika S., Rino K., Raven R., Valerie, Jassie, Hannah, Vera, Linda D., Violet B., Christina, Sarah B., Chan T., Bliss L., Lai M. & Meying] are fantasies of teachers, bosses and supervisors, football jocks, hall closets, offices, car backseats and even bathroom trysts. This is for all those women who secretly desire to tear the close of some man, ride him hard and put him up wet! It is said in most cultures when older men choose younger women when they are smart. To be seen in public would be an honor to him, that you two could share, but most of all she could bear him intelligent children……How many of you want to be with older man? For more information: // #audio #House #Euro #House #Cinematic

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