L'Amor la Belle Canadian [Avez Vous....Avec Moi]

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From the [2] album set "Exotic Love Songs” [Every Woman's Fantasy Pt. 2] International Clean Version. Licensed by Sony Entertainment Du [2] album ensemble "Love Songs" exotique [de chaque femme Fantaisie Pt. 2] international Clean Version. Agréée par Sony Entertainment Inspiration Midnight Star “Midas Touch” & “Wet My Whistle”, Thalia “Dance, Dance,The Mexican” [Hex Hector Club Mix], Kool & The Gang “Celabration”, Shakira “She Wolf”/ “Loba”, Rick James “Give It To Me Baby”, Janet Jackson “R&B Junkie”, EMF “Unbelievable”. To the beautiful women of Canada I have visited both Quebec and the Toronto areas in my short life and found Canadians friendly, welcoming and honest. I have especially appreciated the loving kindness shown to me by you ladies. This for those women I have loved. However I also been fascinated with women form England, Ireland, Wales & Scotland. In my first year [1958] at the United Nations International School Mrs. Roberts [now retired] who was from the U.K. had the most interesting British accent. I liked it so much that by the time I graduated first grade I had her accent perfected. This song is for the beautiful, sexy and friendly Canadian women: Annette, Denise, Ole D., Angel, Alexia, Teddie, Angie, Ariel R., K. Zee, Joyce, Lisa & Toni. It is said in most cultures when older men choose younger women when they are smart. To be seen in public would be an honor to him, that you could share, but most of all she could bear him intelligent children……How many of you want to be with older man? Cette chanson est pour les belles, les femmes canadiennes sexy et amicales: Annette, Denise, Ole D., ange, Alexia, Teddie, Angie, Ariel R., K. Zee, Joyce, Lisa et Toni. Il est dit dans la plupart des cultures où les hommes plus âgés choisissent des femmes plus jeunes quand ils sont intelligents. Pour être vu en public serait un honneur pour lui, que vous pourriez partager, mais la plupart de tout ce qu'elle pouvait lui porter des enfants intelligents ...... Combien d'entre vous voulez être avec homme plus âgé? Révisée 21/03/2014 Contactez-moi: https://www.twine.fm/signin / / https://www.twine.fm/signin #audio #House #Club # #Underground #House #Progressive #Dance #EuroHouse

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