Drive To Montauk [A Long Island Treasure]

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From the album "Knights of the Sound Table_Light". Licensed by Sony Entertainment. Tirée de l'album "Chevaliers de la Table_Light Sound". Agréée par Sony Entertainment. This song was inspired by the following artists: Basia “Baby You're Mine”, Brecker Brothers “Sneakin’ Up Behind You”, Christopher Cross “Ride Like The Wind” and Kelis “Weekend with” Contact: // When I stopped playing bass guitar in the band I ventured out to find my place among the worlds DJ’s. I mad a promise “to never play garbage for the sake of money”. Growing up within a houshold that played Classical, Jazz, R&B, African, Caribbean, and Soul I developed a love of all music. Working with Frank Russell [WLIR FM 1976-78] and later Johnny “The Duke” Allen [WKTU FM 1978-79] a world of international music opened my eyes to the future. This is anothrer track dedicatedv to the “Underground and Progressive Clubs around the World”. Long Island is an enigma to the United states it is the longest island within the continental U.S. It’s length is about 220 miles end [NYC, Queens Border] to end Montauk point. It is one of the few islands that was mainly inhabited by Native [Iroquois] Americans. Some of the more beautiful towns; Quogue, Cutchauge, Moutauk, Manhassett, Comack, Massapequa, Copaigue, Mastic, Shinnecock and Ronkonkoma. It is and island with beautiful beaches and the original inhabitants are still friendly. The drive out from New York City is about three or four hours and there are many beautiful places to see along the way. Every year at the end of the summer the Shinnecock Nation holds it’s annual Pow Wow and people form all over come to take part in this rthe most Native ritual “Celebrating The Fall Harvest” and the Coming of the New Year”. If you’are ever in the area travel there and visit the Shinnecock or UnquachagueTrading Posts. This is a salute and a tribute to my people, friends and the homeland I know and love “Long Island”, New York. Cette chanson a été inspirée par les artistes suivants: Basia "bébé tu es à moi", Brecker Brothers "Sneakin 'derrière vous", Christopher Cross "Ride Like The Wind» et Kelis "Week-end avec" Contact: DANSE // Quand je ai arrêté de jouer de la guitare basse dans la bande Je me suis aventuré à trouver ma place parmi les mondes DJ'S. Je ai une promesse folle "pour ne joue jamais les ordures pour le bien de l'argent". Grandir dans un houshold qui a joué Classique, Jazz, R & B, d'Afrique, des Caraïbes et de l'âme, je ai développé un amour de toute la musique. Travailler avec Frank Russell [WLIR FM 1976-1978] et plus tard Johnny "The Duke" Allen [WKTU FM 1978-1979] un monde de la musique internationale m'a ouvert les yeux vers l'avenir. Ce est anothrer dedicatedv de piste aux «clubs underground et progressistes dans le monde". Long Island est une énigme pour les Etats-Unis ce est la plus longue île dans la l

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