Yo-Yo-Yo Dig This [Old Skool]/ ヨーヨーヨーヨーディグこの[オールドスクール]/ Yo-Yo-Yo ขุดนี้ [เก่า Skool]

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From the album "Funk This Groove". Licensed by Sony Entertainment. Tirée de l'album "Funk This Groove". Agréée par Sony Entertainment. アルバム「ファンクこのグルーヴの「 From。ソニーエンターテイメントにライセンスされています。 จากอัลบั้ม "ฉุนนี้ร่อง". ได้รับใบอนุญาตโดย Sony ความบันเทิง This song was inspired by the following artists: Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up”, Earth, Wind & Fire “Rock It”, Kelis “Blindfold Me”, Tower Of Power “Souled Out”, Michael Paulo “The Story of O”, Karyn White “Romantic”, One Voice “Swing Your Love 2 Me”, Kool & The Gang “Turn It Out”, The Gap Band “Humpin'”, Kanye West “Goldigger”, Freekbass “Freekbass 2yk” and The Rippingtons “Lay It Down”. Contact: https://www.twine.fm/signin // https://www.twine.fm/signin When I stopped playing bass guitar in the band I ventured out to find my place among the worlds DJ’s. I mad a promise “to never play garbage for the sake of money”. Growing up within a houshold that played Classical, Jazz, R&B, African, Caribbean, and Soul I developed a love of all music. Working with Frank Russell [WLIR FM 1976-78] and later Johnny “The Duke” Allen [WKTU FM 1978-79] a world of international music opened my eyes to the future. This is anothrer track dedicatedv to the “Underground and Progressive Clubs around the World” To all the country girls wearing your cut-off “Daisy Dukes”, with your shirt tied at the waist, cowboy boots or hiking boots on, working that sexy, sexy, I like the way you strut your stuff. To: Sandy, Kailey K., Angel Charmer, Rachel, Nadine, Marnie, Ariel R., Fiona, Leah, Nina, Mel, Addie, Jeanie M., Nataly, Nanda, Caitlyn, Cillia, Fiona, Luanne, Marnie, Bibi, Roxi Goth, Ava, Marijane, Robyn, Franki, Dorianne, Addie, Paisley, Marty, Jodi, Rio, Elle, Chloe, Adrianna, Nastya, Holly D., Kari S., Malika, Adiranna, Cassia, Dulcie, Holly, Aurora, Talia, Raven R., Jassie, Hannah, Vera, Linda D., Suzi, Christina,. This is the sexiest country girl look on the planet, it might be worth that shotgun wedding. . The things I could do to you that would simultaneously curl your hair & toes. What they say is really true “Once you go Native American you’ll never go back”! Pour toutes ces passionnantes, sexy, érotiques, Kinky, Goth et Fétichisme chaudasses: Kinky Zee, Mitsuko, Rae, Khybrette, Bianca Beauchamp, RACHON, Leonie S, Kinky Mel, Roxi Goth, Nadia Y., Lala, apnée, Victoria, Mimi Asie, Couchez le Kat, Nastya, Koko, Satin Bloom, Rose, Lindy Foxx, Alicia, Abagail, Damina, Priscilla, Flick, Dana Vespoli., Marci, Erica Viera, Tanya, Nadya, Micah Mey, Ramona, Mila Kunis, Samantha Jauge, Céline, Celeste, Sunny Leone, Tara, Lana Violet, Ai Nagase, Sofia, Aliz, Simone, Katrina, Peaches, Koko Li, Kasia, Satine Phoenix, Ancilla Tilia, Adore Anjali et Veronica. Un des plus grands secrets est le l'amour des hommes amérindiens, il est aussi vrai que "une fois que vous avez été avec un Amérindien vous ne serez jamais revenir"! me contacter: // https://www.twine.fm/signin https://www.twine.fm/signin #audio #Hiphop Rap

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