Scratch That Itch [GiddyDiddyBop]/

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From the album "Funk This Groove". Licensed by Sony Entertainment. Aus dem Album "Funk Dieser Groove". Von Sony Entertainment lizenzierte. Van het album "Funk Deze Groove". Onder licentie van Sony Entertainment. Tirée de l'album "Funk This Groove". Agréée par Sony Entertainment. Contactez-moi: / / This song was inspired by the following artists: Midnight Star “Midas Touch”, Shakara “She Wolf”, Cameo Shake Your Pants”, Rick Astley “She Wants to Dance with Me “, Blackbirds “Happy Music”, Paula Abdul “U”, Marcus Miller “Blast!”, Seawind “We Got A Way” and Us3 “Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)”. When I stopped playing bass guitar in the band I ventured out to find my place among the worlds DJ’s. I mad a promise “to never play garbage for the sake of money”. Growing up within a houshold that played Classical, Jazz, R&B, African, Caribbean, and Soul I developed a love of all music. Working with Frank Russell [WLIR FM 1976-78] and later Johnny “The Duke” Allen [WKTU FM 1978-79] a world of international music opened my eyes to the future. This is anothrer track dedicatedv to the “Underground and Progressive Clubs around the World” This is also a tribute to the very beautiful and erotic Canadian women: Annette, Denise, Ole D., Angel, Alexia, Teddie, Angie, Ariel R., Joyce, Lisa., Ms. Zee, Anna LaG., Stephanie, Sophie D., Anne, Sophie, Azria, Marta, Monique, Caroline, Traverse, Michelle, Anita, Wendy H., Sheryl S., Sabrina K., Suzi, Claudia, Patricia H., Debra E.., Chatarra, Paula T. & Denise DeM. Das ist auch eine Hommage an die sehr schöne und erotische Greman Frauen: Tammy H., Beate S., Sabine D., Gitta, Verina, Nancy, Angelique. Aus dem Album "Save The World". Von Sony Entertainment lizenzierte. Donna, Nadine, Sophia, Diana, Raven Riley, Vicky, Tanya & Marci, Charlotte, Jennifer, Rita, Susse, Bianca, Amia Moretti, Mina e Antonella. Se vi recate a Niagara Falls, NY ti darò un tour speciale dell'8 ° meraviglia del mondo. Si dice in molte culture in cui gli uomini più anziani scelgono le donne più giovani quando sono intelligenti. Per farsi vedere in pubblico sarebbe un onore per lui, che voi due potreste condividere, ma la maggior parte di tutto quello che poteva dargli figli intelligenti ...... Quanti di voi vuole essere con l'uomo più anziano? Dall'album "Save The World". Concesso in licenza da Sony Entertainment. Pour mes belles et sexy femmes françaises: Anna LaGarde, Stéphanie, Sophie Deveroux, Anne, Sophie, Azria, Marta, Monique, Michelle, Anita, Wendy H., Sheryl S., Sabrina K., Suzi, Claudia, Patricia H., Debra E.., Chatarra, Aubragene, Paula T. c'était une femme avec la résistance française qui a sauvé mes pères [Red Ball express] vie pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Si cela n'était pas arrivé, je ne serais pas vivant pour honorer votre culture, votre beauté, votre amour ou votre amitié. Si jamais vous visitez Niagara Falls, NY la 8ème merveille du monde. Il est

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