Arawak Carnival [For Mama Johnson]/ Arawak Carnaval de [Pour Mama Johnson]

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From the album "Save The World". Licensed by Sony Entertainment. Tirée de l'album "Save The World". Agréée par Sony Entertainment. Contact: // This song was inspired by the following artists: Anslem Douglas “Palms on De Ground”, Iwer George “Tiffin Of Wine”, Bunji Garlin “Summer Whistle Riddim” & “Turn Up”, Marcia Favre "Canção De Amor" Kerwin Du Bois “D Influence”, Senell Dempster & The Blue Ventures “D River” & “Chocolate” and Silver Stars “Shock Attack”. As a child my mother worked for the United Nations in New York City. I was the first Afro-Native American child to attend United Nations International School in Parkway Village, Queens. During those times I traveled with both my parents and stayed after school with the Johnson’s after school. Keith Johnson was my mother’s friend, also the Consul General to Jamaica to the U.N. at that time. So after school I stayed with his mother “Mama Johnson” and the “Twins” Hope & Marie. The “Twins” were older than me; however they treated me like their little brother. To Mama J. I was just another family member and she ruled over the house as most Jamaican mothers due. What she said was law and you respected her wishes without question. For three years I spent my school day afternoons with my adopted Jamaican family learning their culture, experiencing their food and family values. On the last day of school [3rd Grade] I was playing last tag for the summer, while crossing between two cars I was hit by a Singer Sewing Machine VW and dragged up the hill 8 feet. My favorite teachers Mrs. Roberts and Ms. Ouvet carried me into the school. God smiled on me that day because I could have been killed. In those days parents good parents never left their children alone at home, so I spent all day at the Johnson’s. I was so scared about the accident that I wouldn’t put the required pressure on my foot to walk. Mama Johnson came to me telling me she would help that if I didn’t do what the doctor ordered that I would be permanently crippled. She forced me to stand on my foot every day and I credit her strength for getting me through that traumatic period in my young life. She has since passed away; but she will always be in my thoughts and my heart. This song was composed for Mama Johnson as a tribute and a celebration of the friendship and kindness shown by now Ambassador Keith Johnson and his family. [Robert Howard English]. #audio #World #Ethnic #Nu #Dance #Cinematic #Cultural #Tirbute #Dance

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