Colorado River [Ride The Rapids/ Río Colorado [Monte el Rapids]

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From the album "Kana Ti' [Brother Wolf]". Licensed by Sony Entertainment. Del disco "Kana Ti '[El Hermano Lobo]". Con licencia de Sony Entertainment Contact: // This song was inspired by the following artists: Bruno Leprete “A Day in the Sun”, Aleks Syntek “La Ruta del Destino”, Basia “Ordinary People”, Dean James “Round the Horn”, Fourplay “Play Lady Play” & “Vest Pocket”, Dave Koz “Saxophonic (Come on Up)”, Hart Ramsey “Centerpeice”, Jeff Golub & Ave Blue “Nitpickin', Hiroshima “Hawaiian Electric”, Onaje Allan Gumbs “Think About It”, Kevin Toney “110 Degrees And Rising” and Eric Marienthal “All I Am”. I have never been to the western side of this country, yet I feel as if in another life I was already there. Native American folklore says that we are born and re-born as other than human. I am born from a “Wolf Clan” so in my “Spirit Life” I was a wolf. A bond with or brother and sister animal families is made every time a Native American child is born, so we will always be one with this earth and our animal families. Our covalent to respect these lands, their inhabitants and its resources is not only an obligation….it is a right of passage for all those Natives around the world. Asian, Polynesian, Hawaiian, Alaskan, African, Central & South American cultures all follow the same cotangent. All their peoples whether impoverished or not are truly rich in their heritage and all respect their lands immensely. It is hard for most Americans to understand this aspect. The United States has so much yet a large portion of Americans value so little of our natural resources…..and that’s truly a shame. Río Colorado [Monte el Rapids] Esta canción fue inspirada por los siguientes artistas: Bruno Leprete "A Day in the Sun", Aleks Syntek "La Ruta del Destino", Basia "Ordinary People", Dean James "Round the Horn", Fourplay "Play Señora Play" & "Chaleco de bolsillo ", Dave Koz" Saxophonic (Vamos arriba) ", Hart Ramsey" centerpeice ", Jeff Golub y Ave azul" Nitpickin ', Hiroshima "Hawaiian Electric", Onaje Allan Gumbs "Piénsalo", Kevin Toney "110 Grados y Rising "y Eric Marienthal" Todo lo que soy ". Yo nunca he estado en el lado occidental de este país, todavía me siento como si en otra vida yo ya estaba allí. Folclore nativo americano dice que hemos nacido y volver a nacer como algo más que humano. Yo soy nacido de una "Clan Lobo" por lo que en mi "Espíritu de Vida" Yo era un lobo. Un bono con o hermano y hermana animales familias se hace cada vez que nace un niño nativo americano, por lo que siempre será uno con esta tierra y nuestras familias de animales. Nuestra covalente de respetar estas tierras, sus habitantes y sus recursos no sólo es una obligación ... .it es un derecho de paso para todos aquellos nativos de todo el mundo. Asia, Polinesia,, Alaska, África, América Central y América del Sur culturas hawaianas todos siguen el mismo cotangente. Todos sus pueblos empobrecidos si o no son verdade

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