Warriors [Fire Spirits]/ Dike [The Fire Mmụọ]/ Alagbara [Awọn ina Ẹmí]/ Dagaalyahan [Ruux oo Fire]

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From the album "Save The World". Licensed by Sony Entertainment Site album "Zọpụta The World". Na ikikere site na Sony Entertainment Lati awọn album "Fi The World". Iwe-ašẹ nipasẹ Sony Idanilaraya Ibhayisikobho the albhamu "Gcina I Yezwe". Ilayisensi mfono Sony Ezokuzijabulisa Bilaabo heestii ee "badbaadi ayaa Adduunka". Oo shati ka tartanka Sony Maaweelada Daga album "Fãce Duniya". Lasisi ta da Sony Labarai Kutoka katika albamu ya "Hifadhi World". Leseni na Sony Burudani Contact: https://www.twine.fm/signin // https://www.twine.fm/signin This song was inspired by the following artists: Brenda Fassie “Siyjola”, Manu Dibango “Soul Makosa” & “Echos Beti”, Tshala Muana “Bapasi”, Seal “Newborn Friend”, Mai Lingani “Entrons dans la Danse”, Osibisa “The Dawn” & “Survival”, Sade “Slave Song” & “Cherry Pie”, Jambali Afrika “Adewe Bio”, “Percussion Discussion” & “Ingombe“ a group I had the pleasure of being a sound engineer for in Pittsburgh in 2002 at the “One World Festival”, Brian Bromberg “Hear Our Cry”, Herbie Hancock “Dis Is da Drum” and George Duke “Sudan”. This song is for all the brothers and sisters in African region of the world. You are all part of the great families of the world. Born under the same sun and when it is your time laid to rest in the arms of “Mother Earth” under the same moon. You live the same way, celebrate most of the same holidays. Your tribes are an extension of each other, Great, Noble, Proud, Resourceful and Intelligent. So why is it that you commit genocide on each other, wrongly influenced by outsiders that know little about your culture or your great histories? There are many who want to help yet they are caught between warring factions and die as victims, they were not your enemies, they were your real friends. They lived as you do, in your towns, villages, hamlets and farms. They gave aide, medical attention, love and kindness. They welcomed you as family, and most of you in kind did the same. So why destroy the proud heritage that is Africa. When one nation/ tribe becomes extinct all nations/ tribes are diminished and your history is stolen, destroyed and erased. Do not erase ore of the oldest peoples on this earth. Reach out save each other, by saving each other you also save yourselves, your children and the proud heritage that is “Mother Africa”. #audio #World #World #Tribute #Ethnic #Cinematic #Nu #Cinematic

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