What Ever We Play [So Kool & the Gang ReMix]

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From the album "BattleJocks Old-Skool ReMixes Pt. 1” Licensed by Sony Entertainment. アルバムから「BattleJocks旧-SKOOLリミックスPtが。1"は株式会社ソニー・エンターテイメントにライセンスされています。 Tirée de l'album "BattleJocks Old Skool-Remixes Pt. 1" licence par Sony Entertainment. Aus dem Album "Old-Skool BattleJocks Remixes Pt. 1" von Sony Entertainment lizenziert. Contact: https://www.twine.fm/signin // https://www.twine.fm/signin I was in 10th Grade when Kool & the Gang came on the R&B/ Funk scene. Jersey City, New Jersey horn band, and they were different from Archie Bell & The Drells [“Tighten Up”]. In 11th Grade I had met this cute girl [Denise] from….guess? Wegman Ave. in Jersey City. Just a block away from Ocean Ave. and four blocks from the Kool & The Gang hangout; a local club. Unfortunately I wasn’t old enough to get in but Cheryl Denice’s older sister hung out there with them all the time. Although they changed their name from the Jazziacs, they will always be Kool And The Gang. This tribute is for a group of really super guys that I would like to think of as friends. Kool & the Gang are an American jazz, R&B, soul, funk and disco group, originally formed in 1964 as the Jazziacs based in Jersey City, New Jersey. In 1964, thirteen-year-old Robert Bell, his brother Ronald and five high-school friends formed an instrumental band called the Jazziacs. They played an opening set every Sunday at jazz night at a small theatre. They changed their name to "Kool & the Flames" in 1967 then "Kool & the Gang" in 1969 (to avoid confusion with James Brown's Famous Flames) and were signed by Gene Redd to his new record label De-Lite Records in 1969. They went through several musical phases during their recording career, starting out with a purist jazz sound, then funk and R&B, progressing to a smooth pop-funk ensemble, and in the post-millennium creating music with a modern, electro-pop sound. The group's main members over the years included brothers Robert Bell (Muhammad Bayyan) on bass and Ronald Bell (Khalis Bayyan) on tenor saxophone, lead vocalist James "J.T." Taylor, George Brown on drums, Larry Gittens on trumpet, Dennis Thomas on alto saxophone, Claydes Charles Smith on guitar, and Rick West (Westfield) on keyboards. The band first hit the US Billboard R&B chart with the release of their debut eponymous album. Several live and studio albums followed with 1973's “Wild and Peaceful” breaking into the mainstream with "Funky Stuff", "Jungle Boogie" and "Hollywood Swinging". "Jungle Boogie" and "Hollywood Swinging" both sold over one million copies, and each was awarded a gold disc by the RIAA. Many reviews see the Gang's 1974 album “Light of Worlds” and 1975 album “Spirit of the Boogie” as the greatest achievements of the band, with the 1975 single "Summer Madness" gaining much attention. The late 1970s saw a lull in Kool & the Gang's output except for the album “Open Sesame” which yielded the title track "Open Sesame", achieving some success as part of the Saturday Night Fever sound

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