Africa Horizons (Starchild Elevator DanceMix)

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From the album "BattleJocks Nu-Skool ReMixes Pt. 1” Licensed by Sony Entertainment. ソニーエンターテイメントによってライセンスアルバム「BattleJocks NU-SKOOLリミックスのPt。1」から。 De l'album "Nu-Skool BattleJocks Remixes Pt. 1" sous licence par Sony Entertainment. Aus dem Album "Nu-Skool BattleJocks Remixes Pt. 1" von Sony Entertainment lizenziert. Contact: // House, Deep House, Hard House: What does that really mean? It means if you feel it then dance your ass off and don’t worry aboput the others. The Underground Clube in the world are the most progressive when it comes to good music. The level of creativity is un-matched and the good time you’ll have is beyond explaination. So to Electromagic Duo, Sebo K & Ketracel keep doing what you do. This is one of our tributes to NYC clubs like the “Original Sanctuary” [8th Ave at 50th Street], “Melons” [14th Street], The Garage in Brooklyn, Paladium [Also on 14th Street], Limelight [on 6th Ave.] and the thousands of newer clubs like “Boiler Room” international. Turn It Up! The music featured on this sight can be purchased only on has been mastered with high quality DAWS software. The “BattleJock” re-mixes were done with much forgotten techniques; not available with Serato DJ software or sync button effects. Every mix and re-mix is Old School turntable DJ with “Battle Jock” styles that go back to the 70’s. Some mixes were done with as many as [8] eight turntables, mixing at the same time. The mix-down was done with Sony Software’s ACID and accompanied by the additional creativity of the sound engineers and DJ’s. This is the best of Old-Skool and Nu-Skool DJ techniques, tactics, mixing, scratching and editing. Enjoy the sounds, “Rock the House”, “Party Down” and “Turn It Up!” S.E.S. (Hangul: 에스.이.에스; initialism for Sea, Eugene, Shoo) was a South Korean girl group under the management of SM Entertainment. Lasting from 1997 to 2002, they were viewed as the female version of H.O.T., another SM group who also enjoyed phenomenal popularity during the same years. S.E.S. was K-pop's first highly successful girl group. They were challenged by groups like Fin.K.L and Baby V.O.X, which debuted soon after S.E.S. and were also successful. They released their first album, “I'm Your Girl” in 1997 under SM Entertainment and had their public debut in November 1997. Their look at the time was very innocent, with their songs being cute love songs. However, they also made sure that they were seen as talented entertainers. In much of their promotional work, including an appearance on Korean diva Lee Sora's "Propose" show, they displayed their talent: Eugene demonstrated her piano training, while Bada showed off her strong voice, Shoo backing her up with her harmony. Lee Soo Man's promotional strategy worked: "I'm Your Girl" which had Shinhwa members Eric Mun and Andy Lee rapping in the introduction and "Oh, My Love!" became huge hits fo

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