For Myzel [A Mothers Love 2005-2009]

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From the album "Next Wave - State of A Nation". Licensed by Sony Entertainment. contact me: // This is a song composed for my daughter. She had a baby boy that was born with Lupus. For those who don't know Lupus is an auto-immune disease. It affects the child's ability to heal and fight off illnesses. Her son was sick for most of his six years of life. He passed away in 2009 and he will be missed. I found out it is hereditary on her mother’s side of the family. Just as Cycle-Cell trait is for Africans or Tasack is for Jewish no one really knows when those traits will surface in a child’s life. Some years ago I had a good friend in high school [Marvin Irving] brother of Julius [“Dr. J”] Irving and he was tired most of the time. When he died the school told us he had a heart murmur. It wasn’t until I saw an interview where “Dr. J” explained that Marvin suffered from Lupus. For my daughter I can only give her my love and prayers. #audio #Native American Tribute #Cinematic #Tribute

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