The Big Bang Theory/ La théorie du Big Bang/ Ang Big Bang theory

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From the album "Not Of This World". Licensed by Sony Entertainment. Tirée de l'album "Not Of This World". Agréée par Sony Entertainment. Mula sa album na "Not Ng Ito World". Licensed sa pamamagitan ng Sony Entertainment Contact: // This song is first a tribute to the following artists: Diana Krall “I Love Being Here With You”. “Space the Final Frontier, We are the voyagers of the starship “Enterprise” in search of life on other planets”…….. Everyone at some time in their lives has thought of or wanted to travel into outer space to explore new worlds. The songs on this album "Not of This World" are a what if extra terrestrial life out there is wondering the same thing. We already know from our ancient history that we are not alone in the universe. Being drip-fed Grey Aliens, ET’s and even Predator alien beings in the movies and on television. You’ve got to wonder another life form looking at our communications, Rap Music, “Dumb & Dumber”, “Bevis & Buthead”, “The Family Guy”, “American Dad”, “Big Brother” even “The Three Stooges”. Will they even want to be bothered with us when they finally arrive at our planet or will they say we’re a lost cause? #audio #Jazz #Cinematic #Tribute #Tribute #Nu #Dance #Cinematic

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