Mission Impossible [Evasion Dub]

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From the album "Can You Hear Me Now!". Licensed by Sony Entertainment. Af plötunni "í blöndu [ultrasonic]." Licensed af Sony Entertainment Es ist Ihre Bewegung [Der Showdown], Vom Album "In The Mix [Ultraschall]". Von Sony Entertainment lizenziert. Dalla album "In The Mix [ultrasuoni]". Concesso in licenza da Sony Entertainment πό το album "In The Mix [Υπερήχων]». Με άδεια από την Sony Entertainment For cinematic music creation contact: https://www.twine.fm/signin // https://www.twine.fm/signin When I was younger I watched Mission Impossible…..Mr. Phelps your mission if you decide to accept it would be…. But it was Barney [Greg Morris] the electronics wizard who was always selected sort of Afro-American [Q to James Bond]. Barney never disappointed and always came up Aces when he needed. There was an Afro-American that lived behind my house when I was a lot younger, he had a basement full of O.D. Green mil-spec radio and other communications gear. I was fascinated by the 100 foot telephone pole he had mounted in his back yard, with the "H" antenna that he would rotate. When he broadcast all the neighbors complained because the TV’s would do this “Outer Limits” thing, you know “Do not try to adjust your set. We control the horizontal. We control the vertical”. It drove people crazy and he spoke Japanese, French, German & Spanish. So here’s to all the Barney’s in the world inventing gadgets for spy’s everywhere! This is for all those mysterious, sensual, sexy and erotically delicious Euro Babes from: Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Malta & Greece. Ilska, Silge. Hvis du noen gang i Niagara Falls, NY Jeg skal gi deg en spesiell omvisning på åttende Wonder of the World. Det sies i de fleste kulturer når eldre menn velger yngre kvinner når de er smarte. Å bli sett i offentligheten ville være en ære for ham, at dere to kunne dele, men mest av alt hun kunne bære ham intelligente barn ...... Hvor mange av dere ønsker å være med eldre mann? Sonja, Katja, Norina, Alexandra Wenn Sie jemals in Niagara Falls, NY Ich gebe Ihnen eine spezielle Tour des 8. Weltwunder. Es ist in den meisten Kulturen das, wenn ältere Männer jüngere Frauen zu wählen, wenn sie klug sind. Um in der Öffentlichkeit gesehen werden, wäre eine Ehre für ihn sein, dass Sie zwei teilen konnte, aber vor allem sie ihn intelligente Kinder gebären konnte ...... Wie viele von euch mit älteren Menschen sein? Donna, Nadine, Sophia, Diana, Raven Riley, Vicky, Tanya & Marci, Charlotte, Jennifer, Rita, Susse, Bianca, Amia Moretti, Mina e Antonella. Se vi recate a Niagara Falls, NY ti darò un tour speciale dell'8 ° meraviglia del mondo. Si dice in molte culture in cui gli uomini più anziani scelgono le donne più giovani quando sono intelligenti. Per farsi vedere in pubblico sarebbe un onore per lui, che voi due potreste condividere, ma la maggior parte di tutto quello che poteva dargli figli intelligenti ...... Quanti di voi vuole essere con l'uomo più anziano? Όλγα, Alina, Taylor. Εάν

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