A Country Twang [Guitar Accapella]

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From the album "In The Mix [Ultrasonic]". Licensed by Sony Entertainment. The artists that helped inspire this song are: The Cate Brothers “Union Man”, Marty Stewart “Get me to the Church” [On Cumberland Road], Trace Atkins “Rough & Ready”, Shania Twain “In My Car [I'll Be the Driver]”, Steve Wariner “The Brickyard Boogie", Stray Cats “Rock This Town”, Big & Rich “Comin' To Your City” & Brooks & Dunn “Boot Scoot Boogie”. I was a little angry when I arranged this song…you know s__t happens. So I’m sitting at the workstation thinking how I can arrange this drum track and I accidentally played one of these guitar tracks WHAMMO. It hit me I had never done a Country or Bluegrass song. This is an “Angry Anthem” song for all those stressed-out, hard working, under paid and over worked Blue Collar Folks. Don’t go home and beat your girl, wife or kick the dog….Hell they didn’t do this. “This is for everyone who’s served this countries armed services and fought wars because some a__hole sold a crummy business deal that literally went south. It is also for all those hard working, underpaid, over worked and under appreciated “Blue Collar” folks both in the [Burbs and the Cities] of America. Last it’s for my spoiled, lazy, manipulative, genius daughter who thinks money grows on trees, every one owes her a living, avoid her responsibilities and defer blame to everyone, for everything she [can’t] won’t do to help herself”. “People who don’t work, won’t work and don’t care to work don’t matter….They’re part of the problem; So get thoes a__es working”. Roll your windows down, scream “I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not going To Take It Anymore” and play as loud as you want…even wake those jack-ass neighbors up! contact me: https://www.twine.fm/signin // https://www.twine.fm/signin #audio #Country #Nu #Country #CountryBluegrass #Nu #Dance #Cinamatic

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