Island Swimwear [Carribean Cove] Dub/ No s y S Willowbrook m desgaste r "Karribean Kovell" Dzu

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From the album " Terror On 5th Ave ", Licensed by Sony Entertainment. Del disco "El terror El 5 Ave" Autorizado por Sony Entertainment. De l'album "Terreur Sur 5th Ave" sous licence par Sony Entertainment. ソニーエンターテイメントによって許諾アルバム「フィフスアベニューに恐怖」から。 Bestek Theatrical in Babylon, N.Y. gave me my first job in staging & lighting industry in 1976. The opportunity came after taking a staging and lighting elective at SUNY Farmingdale University in 1973. The instructor was so impressed with my abilities and no fear of heights that she recommended me to David Mixon from Bestek Theatrical a staging service in West Babylon, N.Y. at the time. I started as everyone stats, pulling cable and teating all the return electrical and audio for continuity. The electrical technology experience really came in handy there. After about three months I started driving the truck into New York City during the “Fashion Season” in 1975 Bestek supplied a good percentage of Ken longert Productions flats, staging and lighting equipment. It took almost three seasons before Ken Longert hired me to work on his show crew. I started with staging and did that exclusively for over three years [1978]. Developing my skills I moved on to covering and assembling the “flats” [decorative background walls around the stage]. I did this in addition to staging for another four years. During this time I worked on several designers shows: Anne Klein Too, Bonie Dune, Pierre Cardin, Oscar DeLarenta, Perry Ellis, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger & Coach In 1983 I was borught on the electrics crew conditionally. During these years I worked additionally for designers: Issey Miyake, Karl Largerfeld, Perry Ellis, Willy [Smith] Wear, Michael Volbrect, Donna Karen, Gucci & Kalvin Klein. In addition to working on the Kalvin Clein show I was also one of the crew that got to go to New Jersey to the “C. Klein Warehouse” to pick-up Mr. Kleins specially constructed risers for his shows. They wer specially created to fit his NYC showroom and will only fit one way inside. So mutch care is taken on the street to make sure they are put in the elevator the right way. For over 19+ years later I was still working for major fashion designers through KLP [Ken Longert] Productions in New York City. Today I’m still greatful for the opportunity to do staging and lighting for every designers shows in the New York Tri-State area. バビロン、N.Y.でBestek劇場1976年に私に機会をステージングし、照明業界での私の最初の仕事を与えた1973年にSUNYファーミングデール大学の選択科目のステージングや照明を服用後に来た講師が自分の能力を持つように感銘を受け、高さの心配はダビデミクソンに私を彼女をお勧めしませんでしたBestek劇場から西バビロン、NYでサービスをステージング一度に。誰もが統計として私はケーブルを引っ張ると継続のためのすべての電気リターンとオーディオをteating、開始しました。電気技術の経験が本当にそこに便利になりました。約3ヶ月後、私は1975年に「ファッションシーズン」の間にニューヨーク市にBestekをトラックを運転開始したステージングと照明器具、ケンlongertプロダクション干潟の良い割合を付属。ケンLongertは彼のショーの乗組員で動作するように私を雇った前にそれはほぼ3シーズンを要しました。私は、ステージングで開始し、3年以上[1978]専用にそれをしました。自分のスキルを開発する私がカバーし、「フラット」[ステージの周りの装飾的な背景の壁を]組み立てに移りました。私は別の4年間のステージングに加えて、これをしませんでした。私はいくつかのデザイナーに取り組んだこの時間の間に示しています。私は条件付きで電気系統の乗組員にborughtた1983年にアン・クラインすぎると、Bonie砂丘、ピエール・カルダン、オスカ

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