We Got A Way [Mahalo Anthem ReMix]

Published by DANCEFANTASY Sound Lab

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From the Album “Battle Jocks -Funky As Jazz [Hot Az ReMixes] Pt. 2” Licensed by Sony Entertainment De l'album "Blagues Bataille -Funny Comme Jazz [remixes Hot Az] Pt. 2 "sous licence par Sony Entertainment Aus dem Album "Battle Witze -Funny Als Jazz [Az Hot Remixes] Pt. 2" Lizenziert von Sony Entertainment アルバム「バトル運動選手・体育系-Funkyからジャズ[ホットAzのリミックス] PTと。2"は株式会社ソニー・エンターテイメントによってライセンス供与 The music featured on this sight can be purchased only on https://www.twine.fm/signin has been mastered with high quality DAWS software. The “BattleJock” re-mixes were done with much forgotten techniques; not available with Serato DJ software or sync button effects. Every mix and re-mix is Old School turntable DJ with “Battle Jock” styles that go back to the 70’s. Some mixes were done with as many as [8] eight turntables, mixing at the same time. The mix-down was done with Sony Software’s ACID and accompanied by the additional creativity of the sound engineers and DJ’s. This is the best of Old-Skool and Nu-Skool DJ techniques, tactics, mixing, scratching and editing. Enjoy the sounds, “Rock the House”, “Party Down” and “Turn It Up!” この光景で特色音楽は唯一の高品質DAWSソフトウェアで習得されたhttps://www.twine.fm/signin 「パーティーダウン"と"それをターンアップ!」「家をロック」、音をお楽しみください #audio #Jazz Blues #Nu #Jazz #JazzRock #Progressive #Jazz #Nu #Native #American

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