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Hong Kong
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THANK YOU to all y’all Demons, you show so much love and are die-hard DUR listeners, Bless, Bless !!!

… music through emotion …

Ok, my name is Andy ( A.S.Crofts aka Dark User ), and you’re dealing with a PROPER Musicmancer … a cinematic roller coaster of influences await you !!! With a tour-de-force fusion of H.R.Giger v John Carpenter, mixing in Morbid Angel v Mozart … I assure you, I’m unlike anything you’ve heard before. Using the light and the dark side of music, I make them both an experience and a wonder to behold. I’ve studied Music and Cinema, the many emotions it can create, for over 25 yrs … Skip through my tracks and my magic won’t work, you’re missing out … I have compositions that’ll change your life, and take you to Dimensions you’ve NEVER been before. Close your eyes, do whatever it is that chills you out and let me shift your reality. Just listen and you decide … Enjoy … but beware, I don’t JUST do beats for Rappers … and yes, not all the sound is great, but that’s perseverance for you. Someone told me, “Perseverance is an important word for anyone in Life.” It’s true. And my plays ARE real, not faked … so don’t be fooled. I’ve been pirated to death, so my fan-base is un-countable. YOU decide if you like me or not, if you can see my vision. Not others. I refuse to “Pay For Play” … I refuse to believe I have to join or be part of a phantom fan-base side to music, to make it all happen. You don’t even have a grasp on your true listeners or where they’re hearing you. So, from every angle, you loose yourself and then you start to not care, so you carry on paying for plays, pushing aside real triumph.

*everything you hear is legally owned or created.

    uniE603 Call Me, Snake : A.S.Crofts ( Dark User / Artphixia )

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