Dawid Robak
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Tarnobrzeg, Poland
Last online: 3 years ago

David would like to follow in the footsteps of his idol …
Create your projects is David’s passion
which was launched solicitation of an innocent colleague.
His biggest dream is to play in the prestigious , big and famous clubs.
On the question of what is for him music … he says: _ "The music … is in total a relative term . Music can be called play one instrument , many instruments ,
full orchestra , singing birds, and even the wind and the sounds coming from the columns " .
Of all the clubs where he played he was not one which would mention not nice , just the opposite is satisfied with all visits .
It can be seen , among other things : the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Austria.
Already in soon you will be able to see him at the club PLAY .
In his productions , David radiates high energy and originality.
Privately, it turns out that David is a very ambitious person

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